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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hugs for ZK

Today, I want to give my cousin Zhong Keat a great, big hug.


Turning into a Spoilt Brat...

I've been spending the last 2.5 weeks at Mah-Mah's house. I just love staying here because I always get what I want and I'm allowed to do anything that I please. I can easily get away with the naughty things that I've done without being scolded or punished. Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh are so different! With just a loud cry... everything is shoved to me in an instant! ;-)

Most importantly, I am free from mummy's scrutinizing eyes and fussy prohibitions. Although mummy is not very happy with the new things that I've learned here, she couldn't resist snapping photos of my new stunt:

Mah-mah even proudly said that I could climb right up to the top! Mummy should be proud of me too but instead, I saw her frowning at a corner...

Look Ma, No Hands...

This is a classic video clip that never fails to make daddy and mummy smile (if not laugh). It was taken when I was 9.5 months old.

Born in the doggie year, I loved to act like one too. Thanks to our daily-cleansed sofa, I didn't even need a doggie bowl for this! (That's a piece of bread)

Flashback 14 - My 10th month

This the finale... the last post of the Flashback Series. At 10 months, I was very cute and adorable:

- I could walk with support (usually holding on to the sofa or other furniture)

- I could imitate facial expressions and perform simple actions like waving bye-bye, doing housework etc.

- I was always the target of daddy's pranks

- I loved to dance!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flashback 13 - My 9th Month

At 9 months:

I became a little explorer. I loved to explore things in the house.

I loved to play peek-a-boo at the curtains.

I went swimming for the first time.

I was always happy, cheerful and smiling

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Koo-ma and Jeremy kor-kor came over to our place for swimming today. Although I've been staying here since I was born, I'm shy to admit that this was only the second time I played in this swimming pool. Luckily we went ahead and played in the 3pm hot sun because later at about 5pm, there was a thunderstorm.

I loved the pool and enjoyed myself so much, I refused to go home. When daddy carried me out of the water, I cried. I hope daddy and mummy will bring me here more often.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home Again

Yipee! I'm home again. This evening when daddy and mummy visited me at Mah-mah's house, I wanted to follow them home again. I had this intuition that they would bring me home so I waved and said bye-bye to everyone as usual.

I was right. Tomorrow is a public holiday and they had indeed planned to bring me home tonight. I missed home a lot. I missed my "routine" of playing, touching, pulling, opening and closing, digging, throwing and scattering things around the house.

Acting silly as usual...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

19 months old

I am 19 months old today.

- I have grown taller again. I am 84cm today. I have been growing an average of 1cm in the last few months.

- Recognise numbers 1-5 (but can only say “2”)

- Recognise A-Z (but still confused between N and M). I like to read out letters in books, billboards, mummy’s t-shirt, on tv etc.

- Say 2 and 3-syllable words such as babbit (rabbit), bahney (Barney), ba-nanah (banana), eh-sis-me (excuse me)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been away from home for about a week now. I miss my home! I wanna go home...

When daddy and mummy came to visit me this evening, I kept "sticking" to daddy again. This time, I refused to be put down when he carried me. Instead, I kept looking out (at daddy's car) and kept waving goodbye to everyone. I even said my goodbye verbally "bye... bye... bye" telling everyone that tonight, I am going home.

Seeing my eagerness to go home, daddy and mummy decided to bring me home. I was so happy, I sang in the car all the way home.

I was very, very happy to be home! I missed my toys, my books and almost everything at home. I even missed Playhouse Disney. As soon as I sat on the sofa, I signalled mummy to turn on the tv.

Watching Thomas and Friends... in deep concentration.

Sleeping on daddy's arm... my favourite.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The hardened skin on my face is completely gone. I've finally recovered!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Better

Today, I've decided to stop rubbing my face because the hardened skin on my face was too rough and uncomfortable on my hand.

I've also gone back to my usual self. I can eat, play, smile, climb the stairs and call mummy and daddy when they came to visit me. I miss them a lot. I kept clinging on to daddy and refused to let go.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Letter from Mummy

Today I received a letter from mummy:


First of all, mummy feels sorry that mummy has to “abandon” you and leave you in the care of Mah-mah when you need mummy the most (when you are unwell). Please understand that it is NEVER mummy’s intention and desire to send you away and be separated from you. Mummy is also sick and needs to be away for treatment.

Whenever mummy thinks about our temporary separation in the weeks (and probably months) to come, it hurts mummy more than anything else.

Since you are now going through a growing and learning spurt, not being able to teach you and nurture you will be one of mummy’s biggest regrets. Hopefully we will be able to make up for the lost time together as soon as possible.

For you and daddy’s sake, mummy will fight the illness and win the battle… no matter what. Mummy promise! Meanwhile, you be a good girl and don’t give Mah-mah a hard time, ok. Lastly, mummy wants you to know that mummy’s love for you is indescribable and infinitive.


Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Flu updates

I rubbed my nose and cheek so much and so hard until my skin got very badly inflamed. On the 6th day, the inflamed skin got hardened and started to peel off. This is the disastrous effect of what seemed like a mild flu:

It’s difficult to convince people that I’m not a child abuse victim but just a flu victim…

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Healthy Vs. Sick

This is me when I'm healthy. I am a moderately active, very cheerful, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic and loveable kid.

This is me at my worst when I'm sick. I am moody, cranky, annoying, ugly and an absolute CRY POT.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The DREADED Flu - My 1st

For the very first time in my almost 19 months of life, I caught a cold. I've had fever and stomach upset before but those were considered minor ailments that didn't bother me much. This flu, however, turned out to be a horrendous "suffering" that no mother and child shall ever have to go through at all.

Day 1
It started in the morning when I woke up with my face smeared with dried mucus. Since mummy had no experience in handling a sick child and I had no idea what a flu felt like, we just "give and take". When I cried, she comforted me. When I wanted something, she gave it to me. I kept sniffling, rubbing and smearing mucus all over my face. I even licked and ate it when it trickled down my upper lip. Yummy! I didn't know how to blow it out when mummy placed a tissue on my nose and asked me to "hmmmmph".

Crying and rubbing my nose

Day 2
On the second day, my condition seemed to have worsened. I was so uncomfortable and cranky that I cried non-stop from morning to night. I cried when mummy played with me. I cried when mummy "abandoned" me to cook or do her work. I cried when mummy carried me or sayang me. I cried when I was hungry. I cried after taking my meals. I cried in my sleep/nap. I cried when I watched tv. I just cried and cried and cried, only to stop for 5-minute breaks every now and then. While the flu drove me crazy, I drove mummy even crazier. It was an awfully miserable and frustrating day for the both of us.

Rubbed my face so hard until it was red and swollen and cried until mata bengkak

Day 3
And the crying continued.... it went on and on and on... SIGH. None of us slept well last night. When I woke up at 6.30am, I was STILL sobbing with puffy eyes, mucus-y face and all. Mummy figured I was better off with Mah-mah so without any hesitance, she packed my stuff and bade me good (temporary) riddance! Besides "no eye see" me, I think she also "no ear listen", "no heart feel" and "no brain think" anymore.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Flashback 12 - My 8th month

At around 8 months, I could:


Besides crawling, nothing much happened around this time. I think I was also at my chubbiest...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm not a baby anymore

Bottled baby food is so not my kind of food. Since I've never tasted one before, mummy bought these for me to try.

Do they look tasty? Did I like it? Let’s just put it this way… mummy thought it’s yucky too. The bears and the cats in the label managed to trick me into opening my mouth 3 times. Yes, 3 spoonfuls was the limit and dear mummy had to choke down the rest hah hah hah. Come on, mummy. I’m too grown up for such mashed, mushy, squashy stuff. You should know me better.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bad Habit 1

I have this weird habit of putting things into my ears. Mummy always says "no" and tells me it's dangerous but I just can't help it. Sometimes, I'll even grab one of her fingers, insert it into my ear and give it a gentle twist. I wonder if this is normal...

Caught in the act... misusing the antenna of my toy mobile phone

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