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Sunday, August 31, 2008

National Day

Happy National Day, everyone!

I am a patriotic little Anak Malaysia!

Friday, August 29, 2008

My 1st Pizza

Today, for no particular reason, daddy and mummy decided to order pizza for dinner. Mummy took one of my books and showed me the picture of a pizza. I felt excited that I was going to taste a real pizza so I kept saying pizza, pizza, pizza the whole evening! Finally, the pizza delivery boy came…

Mmmm… looks yummy. Let me try it first… (digs finger into the topping/BBQ sauce and tastes it)

The verdict: Not nice! Dowan (don’t want)… So daddy gave me another flavour, which to them, was very yummy but to me, it was simply… NOT NICE! Luckily I've already had my dinner...

Remarks from mummy: *Shakes head* You are quite a fussy little eater, aren’t you? Everything to you is not nice but mummy is not angry… in fact mummy is glad that you don’t fancy outside food or junk food. Mummy is glad that you prefer and always finish up the nutritious meals that mummy cooks for you. Way to go, girl!


Am I sweating? No…

Didn’t wipe my face after pom-pom (bathing)? No…

Then why is my face so wet?

Playing with this thing lor… spraying water on my face repeatedly because it was fun… how silly!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poko Jang

There was something in the mail (from Poslaju, actually) for me today...

It's Poko Jang... a free gift redeemed from Mamy Poko (the night diaper that I've been loyally using for 2 years!)

I was so happy to see it, I grabbed it, squeezed it tightly in my arms, pranced around the house and squealed in delight!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sshhh… Little Blogger At Work

Guess what am I doing? Updating my Look Who’s Talking, of course.

Type, type, type, type, type…

Proof-reading and checking for mistakes. Mmm, passed!

*Yawn* Tired… tired… time to put my legs up and get some 40 winks.

Or a Promising Pianist?

And of course, there’s the piano that I must touch everyday, even if it’s just to hit on a single note (and then run away).

I can sing do re mi, do re mi… but my fingers would be playing something else… *mummy slaps forehead* She has taught me many, many times but I still couldn’t get it yet.

A Violinist in the Making?

Mummy also had a violin… It was collecting dust in the study room so she took it out to let me get the feel of it.

Even though I held the violin so awkwardly unprofessional like this, she still saw a budding violinist in me and intends to send me to violin classes one day. I couldn’t hold it the proper way because my arm wasn’t long enough to hold the neck of the violin when placed correctly on my shoulder.

And this was the best I could do… ngik ngek ngik ngiiiiiiik ngek…

Alright, show’s over. Thank you, thank you… *bows*

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I fell sick today. It all started with a tummy-ache. By nightfall I was down with a mild fever. I was at Mah-mah’s house and spent the night there with her.

The next day, daddy brought me to see Dr Ooi, my paediatrician, because I was still feverish on and off. Dr Ooi checked my throat and found out that I had a mild throat infection. Then we went home and I ate my medicines co-operatively without any fuss (thanks to Barney on tv).

At 3am, mummy touched my forehead and got worried. She reached out for the ear-thermometer and the reading was 39.8C. I asked for some milk so she made 7oz for me. I finished the whole bottle. 5 minutes later, it was time to take the fever medicine. I refused to take it and made a big fuss.

Daddy got up to help. Despite the gentle coaxing from daddy and mummy, I still stubbornly refused to take the medicine. Mummy had no choice but to force-feed me. As soon as the medicine trickled down my throat, it came back out instantly… together with the 7oz of milk and water that I’ve just taken! Big mistake. I told you so, ma.

Poor mummy had to clean up the mess on me, the floor, the bedsheet and mattress at 3am+. Meanwhile, I also refused to go back to sleep. I wanted to read book instead *mummy faints* I kept asking for my Strawberry Shortcake book. So mummy made a deal with me… I had to take my medicine 1st… I agreed. I swallowed the medicine reluctantly and got my book… and later dozed off to sleep on my own.


I never knew there was a guitar in our house. All this while, I've only seen pictures of it. Silly mummy never thought of showing me the real thing, not until today...

Eee yee... how do you hold this thing?

Strum, strum, strum... nice eh?

I'm as tall as a guitar. Auntie BS, does this pic look familiar to you? Hehe ;-)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Guess who came for a visit today? Cousins! The big ones are mummy's cousins (and their spouses) and the little ones are my cousins.

Fullhouse - Our tiny little living room was filled with people, toys, chattering and laughter.

With Zhong Keat and Leanne

I didn't know what to do with a baby so I just sat there like a statue while friendly little Leanne played with me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleep Talk

I sometimes talk in my sleep. Today, while taking my afternoon nap, I suddenly uttered "Strawberry Shortcake". I was watching the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon on tv just before I fell asleep so I must have dreamt about it...

Me and my favourite Strawberry Shortcake book

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is my favourite evening activity when I'm back in Ah Ma's house - feeding the pigeons at the backlane of the house.

I used to love walking around the neighbourhood but lately, I've become very lazy and refuse to walk more than 50 steps, always requesting Gung-gung to carry or piggy-back me instead... so this explains why I'm sitting on the stroller.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Making funny faces while eating a piece of bread...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

When "Don't Have" Is No Longer A Valid Excuse...

Scenario: In the car, on the way to Ah Ma's house

Me: Bread... breeeaaad... wanna eat bread
Mummy: No bread. We don't have any bread here.
Me: Go and buy lah...

*Daddy made a quick stop at the nearest 7-11 and got me a cream bun*

A Rat In The House

When you see holes like these on your biscuits, will you suspect a rat first or me?

Here's a clue: hee hee hee...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Birthday Outing

Today is my big day so daddy took a day off from work to spend the whole day with me. What a little princess I am!

First, we went to Pavilion, KL. It was our first time there.

There was a huge flight of stairs inside the posh mall and I enjoyed walking up and down the stairs.

I loved the teddy bears that were displayed on tables. There was nothing much to see or buy here so we left...

... and headed over to KLCC.

And the main attraction to me here is of course the kiddy rides. Today, I was pampered with the privilege of sitting on a few mobile ones. Usually I'm contented with just stationary ones.

We had the Chocolate Cheesecake, Mango Delight cake and Green Tea Smoothie for our afternoon tea. After taking 5-6 mouthfuls of both cakes, I finally had a good taste of them and commented "Cake... not nice".

Later in the evening, we had a relaxing stroll in the park... until I spotted something colourful quite a distance in front and started whining "Playground... playground... go playground!"

This was my favourite! I was the happiest here. The playground was so big that I did not manage to play everything there. I also refused to go home...

... until the sky finally turned dark and daddy had to carry me down. It was a very happy, enjoyable and eventful day for everyone, especially me :-)

24 Months Old

I am 24 months old today.

Height: 89cm. Someone said that a child's estimated adult height would be the height at exactly age 2 multiplied by 2. If this is really true, my adult height would be around 178cm.

Weight: 13kg (estimated)

I am a big fan of Barney. I must watch it at least once a day.

I talk a lot now. I can say a reasonably long and grammatically correct sentence. I surprised mummy today when I said "Mummy, help me put on the seat-belt" in the car.

I've developed a new bad habit - Crying to get my way. Everytime someone says "No" to something that I want, I will throw a big tantrum and cry.

Chloe's 2nd Birthday

I am 2!

I am two years old today. This is how much I've grown (0-24 months).

And I got a special love message from Daddy and Mummy:

To our Beloved Darling BB,

You have been the most priceless and perfect gift to us in the past 2 years/24 months/730 days... the best thing that ever happened to us!! Every moment spent with you is sheer joy. There is nothing that we don't love about you... including your little mischiefs, occasional tantrums and all... Do continue to be the good girl that you already are. You will always be our very, very precious one and only!

We LOVE you very dearly,

Daddy & Mummy


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