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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Birthday Outing

Today is my big day so daddy took a day off from work to spend the whole day with me. What a little princess I am!

First, we went to Pavilion, KL. It was our first time there.

There was a huge flight of stairs inside the posh mall and I enjoyed walking up and down the stairs.

I loved the teddy bears that were displayed on tables. There was nothing much to see or buy here so we left...

... and headed over to KLCC.

And the main attraction to me here is of course the kiddy rides. Today, I was pampered with the privilege of sitting on a few mobile ones. Usually I'm contented with just stationary ones.

We had the Chocolate Cheesecake, Mango Delight cake and Green Tea Smoothie for our afternoon tea. After taking 5-6 mouthfuls of both cakes, I finally had a good taste of them and commented "Cake... not nice".

Later in the evening, we had a relaxing stroll in the park... until I spotted something colourful quite a distance in front and started whining "Playground... playground... go playground!"

This was my favourite! I was the happiest here. The playground was so big that I did not manage to play everything there. I also refused to go home...

... until the sky finally turned dark and daddy had to carry me down. It was a very happy, enjoyable and eventful day for everyone, especially me :-)


  1. What a fun day!:) Lovely family picture!

  2. Wonderful birthday outing, she is taller and big gal now. Wish you happy, joyful and healthy always.

  3. Yes, all the best wishes to Chloe, daddy and mummy.

    She does look like a very cheeky gal when smiling time.

  4. happy birthday,ruoyi



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