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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Want to be Satisfied

I requested for a bubble bath again today. Before mummy could say no, I quickly shot a few lines of self-praise to gain her approval.. "You see... I didn't make the house messy-messy. I didn't throw things on the floor. I put back the books. I am a good girl". I also gave her the sweetest smile that I knew would melt her heart.

Of course, mummy gave me the green light because she was also trying to get rid of her big stash of expiring Sebamed baby bubble bath samples (that she got when she delivered me) and I had a whale of a time in the tub...

I know, the tub is too tiny for me but who's complaining?

10 minutes was the max that mummy allowed. Even in that short period of time...

Old lady's fingers

After showering and dressing me up, mummy asked...

Mummy: Satisfied?
Me: No, I don't want be satisfied. I want some more.

For the next 5 minutes or so, I kept whining and repeating the same thing over and over again "I don't want be satisfied. I don't want be satisfied......"

Is there such a thing? Hmm....

Big Girl, Small Girl

When I saw mummy drinking something from her cup this afternoon:

Me: Are you drinking milk?
Mummy: Yes (actually it's not milk but looks like it and since I can't tell the difference, no point explaining)
Me: How come you never drink from the bottle?
Mummy: Mummy is a big girl. Big girls don't drink from the bottle. Big girls drink from the cup.

At this juncture, mummy expected me to say "I'm a big girl. I also want to drink from the cup". Instead, this was what I said...

Me: Ooh. Then next time, you be a small girl ok. You become a small girl, then you can drink from the bottle like me and play toys with me. OK?
Mummy: Hahahahaha!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pose, Smile, Yawn!

Just photos...

Mummy found the yawning part really funny. While she was busy clicking away on the camera, I suddenly opened my mouth.... and *YAWNED*. Well, that's how boring photo-shootings are. Hahaha!

New Toys

Here are 3 of my latest favourite toys, all bought from Tesco (Tesco brand) at a bargain price of less than RM10 each (except for the Humpty Dumpty one).

They live up to their tagline "Murah dan Bagus"

The Wobbly Chef is the cheapest at only RM5.97. It looks very plain and boring but surprisingly, it is the most fun and entertaining one among the three. It is our (daddy & mummy included) favourite. It's been nearly 2 weeks since we got it and I still like to play with it every single day. The objective of the game is to balance all the food items on the two plates held by the chef. It is challenging because the chef has wobbly feet (it's a rounded base). A food dice is rolled to determine which food item a player picks. Through this game, I've learnt to sit through a game, follow instructions, adhere to rules, balance things and accept defeat (when I lose).

Next is the Humpty Dumpty Wall Game. This is the most expensive one, at RM11.07. It has the same concept as Jenga or Uno Stacko. The idea is to remove as many bricks as possible without making Humpty Dumpty fall. Although it is not as simple as it looks, I had no problem acing it after just one try.

And lastly, The Kitchen Kritterz, RM7, which is battery operated. Similiar to arcade games where you hit pop-out creatures with a hammer, this one has cute little mice popping out randomly from the stove. The frying pan has a digital counter to record the number of successful hits. Sometimes I will also use this frying pan to cook other things (from my masak-masak set) haha!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Are You So Lazy?

What's wrong with her? I did ask properly and politely but.... Well, just read on.

Hi mummy, can you please read this to me?

Read to me, please...

Please... pleeeeeeaaaaase....

When mummy still refused to entertain me, I frowned and chided her "WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY???"

Mummy's reply: I'm so sorry, dear. Yes, you are right. Mummy is so lazy. The problem is, you have way too many books and mummy is just too exhausted (from reading them). Mummy is glad that you like books but once in a while, do let mummy rest ok. It is also high time that you learn to read on your own so please pay more attention whenever we are looking at the words. Don't always look at the pictures only, ok!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Health Freak Mummy

My mummy is a health-freak. In addition to the fruit and veggie platters that she always prepares for me, she's also extremely fussy about the quality of food that we consume at home. She strictly controls what I eat and can't eat. I think she qualifies to be a health freak because:

- She invested in a Food Detoxifier to "detoxify" all our non-organic meat and veggies
- She tries to buy only "organic" meat - meat that are not too heavily tainted with drugs and chemicals. The meat that she always buys has the following claim:

- She buys organic (esp veggies) whenever possible
- She buys only whole grain, unsweetened cereals for me
- She uses natural and organic condiments like sea salt and sugar in her cooking, and also EV olive oil

- We eat unpolished rice (brown rice) at home and organic grains like oats, barley etc.
- We eat wholemeal bread or any high-fibre, brown bread

And the strictly forbidden food in our household include:
- Processed meat (like sausages, ham etc.)
- Deep-fried food
- Junkies (although once in a while, we do curi makan a bit)

However, she has a weakness when it comes to sugar. The 2 very sinful foods that she can't seem to get rid of are chocolates and ice-cream... She's still hoping that one day, they'd be gone too.

Sounds crazy? Well, this makes me wonder... is it my fortune or misfortune to have such a mummy? While she has no idea about how genuinely organic these organic produce claim to be, she still feels good feeding them to us simply because she only truly wants the best for us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obsessed With Colours

Mummy is very particular about what I eat. Besides making sure that my meals are healthy and balanced, she always ensures that the fruits and veggies that I eat everyday consist of at least 3 colours. Sometimes (usually, at the beginning of the week when the fridge is still very well-stocked), I get up to 6 colours a day! The 6 colours are green, red, orange, yellow, purple and white.

Mummy never fails to prepare these fruit and veggie platters to go with my meals if they happen to be veggie-less:

Cucumber, carrot, orange, strawberry and grapes

Zucchini, cherry tomato, corn, banana and dragon fruit

Carrot, blueberry, kiwi fruit, apple, strawberry and cherry tomato

Steamed baby asparagus, carrot, turnip, cherry tomato, dragon fruit

Steamed broccoli, capsicum, blueberry, golden kiwi, cherry tomato and avocado with honey

Even the sweet potatoes are tri-coloured :-)

It's a good thing that I love eating fruits and veggies. Raw carrot stick is my all-time favourite

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kiddy Spa

I think it's pretty obvious that mummy misses my baby days. When she took out the bath tub that has been in storage for nearly 2 years, she just couldn't help feeling nostalgic over the good old days.

Today, I became a baby all over again... when mummy gave me a baby bubble bath. I was asked to relax and be happy cos it was supposed to be a special "spa" for me haha.

Mummy gave me a thorough but gentle body scrub (with a wash-cloth) plus a light and ticklish massage hehehe. I loved it very, very much! Can we do this more often, mummy?

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Sweet Talker

As I was gazing into daddy's eyes the other day...

Daddy: What are you looking at?
Me: Looking at you lah
Daddy: Why?
Me: Because you are very handsome!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Don't Like Ice Age!

It was supposed to be my very first movie in the cinema today. We've been talking about it for weeks! I was eager and excited. I wanted to eat popcorn in the dark-dark cinema... that was until I found out that we were going to watch Ice Age 3. My first reaction was "I DON'T WANT!!!" After much coaxing and persuasion by daddy and mummy, I still flatly refused and even retorted "I DON'T LIKE ICE AGE! I don't want, I don't want, I don't waaaaaaaaant...."

So near yet so far... we were already at the lobby of the Cathay cinema at Cineleisure

Why so anti-Ice Age, you might ask. Well, I don't like the dinosaur. It's very ugly. Mummy and daddy were like... aiyah, don't want, don't want lah... sai-hei. How to force me? So we just spent the whole day (10 hours) shopping at The Curve, Ikea, Ikano and Tesco.

Staring at the Monsters Inc. replica

Trying to imitate the Kungfu Panda kick

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Return of the Sleeping Un-Beauty

This morning, I woke up slighty earlier than usual at about 7am. I then proceeded to the sofa to continue with my slumber...

... in the most unlady-like manner.

Oh gosh. *Mummy frowns*

Colouring, Writing and Drawing

I'm sure there are many other kids my age who can colour better than me but to mummy, what I produce is good enough. Sometimes, when I'm not engaged in any mischevious activities, I can be the sweetest angel ever, like today, when I just did my colouring quietly while mummy was busy.

I even know how to turn the book to facilitate my strokes hehe...

Here are some of my work, all 100% done by myself:

Coloured using colour pencils.

Coloured using oil pastel. The question mark is mummy's favourite. It's so neatly done.

Most of the pictures are half-done. I always do not have the patience to complete them, citing "hand tired" as the main excuse. Haha!

As for drawing, I can't... yet. The best I can come up with are sad and angry faces. I am still unable to curve the line (of the mouth) to make my smiley faces smile.

Writing? Lagi tak boleh haha. Maybe the only letter I can write is "O" because I can draw circles.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Treasures In The Piano

This is not the first time. Well, what else can it be if it isn't my itchy hands at work again? I just can't help it. It's as involuntary as.... say, breathing!

This time, I had inserted a few items "into" the piano. Actually this was discovered more than a month ago when mummy attempted to teach me to play the piano again. However, my very first "formal" lesson came to an immediate halt after just 5 minutes, when mummy realized that something sounded very wrong. A very clear and distracting hissing sound was heard every time the F#, G and G# keys were pressed.

After a long session of probing, scolding, warning, more questioning, punishing, more scolding and some crying, I finally revealed what I had put inside. The round centre piece of the number 9 foam mat:

To cut the long story short, mummy just left it as it was and dilly-dallied until today, when she finally made a call to the Yamaha Service Centre. The piano technician told mummy that once they make a house call, a fee of RM90 would be charged, even if it didn't require any repairs. The technician was also kind enough to ask mummy to save the RM90 by giving her a step by step instruction on how to dismantle the top cover on her own.

When daddy came home this evening... tada!

This is how the interior of a Clavinova looks like.

And here are some of the things that are NOT supposed to be inside:

The round centre piece of the number 9 foam mat and the Hello Kitty plastic that mummy has cut out from the outer wrapper of my Japanese rice crackers.

The culprit wasn't the little round foam after all. It was that Hello Kitty plastic piece that was lodged directly behind those few affected keys!

And this comb... it has been missing for the longest time!

The 3 culprits...

Can't Wait To Be 3 and Beyond...

This morning, I asked mummy the same question again "Is it my birthday today?" I must be really looking forward to that day. However, I didn't mention about the Little Einstein cake anymore. Instead, I told her "I want that chocolate cake with Milo on top". Mummy went "huh?" again. Since when did we eat such a cake??

After that, this conversation ensued:

Mummy: How old are you?
Me: 4?
Mummy: No.
Me: *Thinking* I dunno...
Mummy: You are 3 years old. Told you so many times already, why can't you remember?
Me: 3 years old again?? Why?
Mummy: ..................


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evening Stroll

I just love it everytime daddy comes home early from work and brings me to the park for an evening stroll.

Sitting at the entrance of the park

What flower is this? (picked up from the ground)

Brisk walking...


"Swinging"... Look at that beaming face!

While playing at the playground, I told mummy "This is very fun".

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Einsteins Cake?

Okay, let's get straight to the point. Who can bake a Little Einsteins cake for me? Recommendations welcomed.

When mummy told me that I'm 35 months old today, I asked her "Is it my birthday today?" When told that it is next month, I started making requests... "I want Little Einstein cake for my birthday". Mummy was like "huh?" and told me that nobody makes Little Einstein cakes. Or could she be wrong??
Picture this in the form of a cake...

Ain't this cool? (Pic taken from Google Image)

35 Months Old

I am 35 months old today. In just another month, I will be turning 3!

- Height: 99cm Weight: Apprx 16kg
- I can read words, phrases and simple sentences
- I know the directions home and can lead the way from the FAS field onwards (about 1km from home). Sometimes I'll say turn here (pointing to the road), sometimes I'll say turn left or turn right, and go through the tunnel.
- I can distinguish gender differences and associate things accordingly. E.g. When mummy puts on a boyish T-shirt for me, I'll tell her "This is for boys".

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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