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Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Post

Some random happenings and photos of me before my spec-ky days. Some are really outdated...

Deepavali cultural celebration in school... I returned home with a tiny "pottu" on my forehead and a henna mendi on my hand (I quickly explained to mummy why my "pottu" was red. Apparently my teacher had run out of black ones)

My new "killer smile" hehe. Putting the red ribbon (for tying a cake box) to good use

Last day of school! I had a great time partying with my little friends :)

Went on a joyride to no where with Gung-gung, Ah Ma et al and ended up in Nilai 3

A Pizza Hut moment (utilizing our free pizza voucher)

First time drinking Horlicks... loved it!

At the brand new playground of the (then) newly opened McDonald's in Citta Mall

Laughing over a silly word suggestion during a game of Scrabble with daddy and mummy


  1. went to citta mall mcd too. playland kinda small. not friendly for parents right.

    love the killer smile :)

  2. Love her smile, so sweet and pretty.

  3. Chloe takes pictures with beautiful smiles. What's the different between black and red pottu? Is it to differentiate single and married women?

  4. Yvonne: Yes, you are right. Red pottu is for married women :p

  5. hahaha How come her pottu not in the middle one?
    Oh, she can play Scrabble. Altho my boy can spell simple words, he cannot really make words, when he needs to utilise the alphabets on the board.

  6. I love her smile too. :) Smile always Chloe. My husband bought a junior scrabble board game for Gwen recently. Gwen's papa loves to play scrabble but sadly Gwen did not inherit this from her Papa.

  7. hy little girl, is this real you writing all these posts/entries?? i wonder u have the passion in writing,, great job dear.. :) stay cute okayh.. keep on writing..


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