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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sandwich Girl

A couple of days ago, mummy received a circular from my kindy...

She then spent days cracking her head to come up with ideas to dress me in. The theme for our previous (the 1st) Theme Day was Animals. Mummy felt really guilty for not preparing anything for me, esp when she saw my classmates dressed in cute bee and bunny costumes, tiger suits, butterfly wings etc. and all I had was just a giraffe soft toy as prop.

This time, the theme was even more difficult. Food. Mummy can't sew and can't cook... so how? Well, later, while slicing a loaf of homemade bread, an idea popped up in her mind. She told me she was going to make me a sandwich. We gathered some cardboards, scissors, paper, crayons, glue and started working on our little project. I helped to colour the "sandwich fillings" with crayons.

Tadaaa! Wholemeal sandwich with lettuce & cheese (front) and ham & tomato (back) made from recycled materials... used paper and cardboards

Err... it looked rather lousy but... better than nothing lah hahaha!

A very happy me donning my sandwich attire

And here are some of the interesting costumes that my friends wore at school today...

K (the girl behind ) wore a very pretty Disney Princesses multi-tiered cake

N was a little chef and YW was a fish! Cute, eh?

One for the album... with some of my classmates (2 were absent)

All the photos in school were taken by Miss E, my teacher.

At the end of the day, the poor lettuce had become "ham choy" (salted and preserved vege) haha!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello Kitty Lunch

Mummy bought some Hello Kitty instant noodles from our recent Hong Kong trip (she's one crazy mum alright). Decided to give me a surprise "nice-nice" lunch today...

HK noodles from HK...

Of course, she discarded the sachet of MSG-laden soup mix and substituted it with the soup that she boiled - chicken, beetroot, carrot, potato and onion soup.

She then took out my never-used-before HK lunch box...

And arranged everything nicely in it...

Simple bento-style noodles

Noodles with chicken beetroot soup and blanched organic lettuce (the three small cute pieces of HK are some dehydrated dunno-what that came together with the dehydrated vegetable bits)

Side dishes (left): Free-range chicken egg and homemade fish cake
Dessert (right) : Apple

Slurrrrrrrrrrp! Sedap. I loved it :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

I AM Allowed to Eat Chocolates...

Waaaaaah! Chocolate!!

This is even better than holding a block of gold bar!

What's so special about me eating a KitKat, one might wonder. Well, this is no ordinary chocolate. Firstly, it was specially delivered to our home...

... albeit Dijamin Sampai 4 Hari Kemudian (Yes, it arrived 4 days later!)

Secondly, look at the special ingredients...

So special one, how not to eat it?

The chocolate is part of the birth announcement gifts sent by Auntie Ivy...

It came with a fridge magnet as well. Very creative indeed.

Auntie Ivy seemed a bit concerned that mummy would confiscate the KitKat from me. Therefore, here's the evidence that the chocolate didn't end up entirely in mummy's tummy...

Mummy might be quite a health-freak, but I AM allowed to eat chocolates :-)

Thank you for the lovely gifts, Auntie Ivy! Happy Fullmoon to baby Iyson today!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Picnic

I had my very first picnic experience today. From Seremban, we headed straight to the Bukit Jalil Park to join two families for a lovely picnic in the evening. The highlight of the picnic was not the food but the very fun bubble-blowing activity that kept us kids happily occupied...

Let's play together... sharing a bottle of bubble solution with Yan Yan

This is how you do it... trying to show off, while little Heng Heng looked intently

Blow it, catch it, pop it!

Then, Krystal brought along a bubble gun... MORE bubbles!

Do Re Mi... the three little angels

Soon it was chow time... we had fried vermicelli, char siew bao, dai bao (big bao), fruits (watermelon and grapes) and homemade cincau (grass-jelly) drink *BURP*

Our cosy little picnic area

Yum-yum... we enjoyed our dinner very much

After dinner, we still haven't had enough of those bubbles so... more bubbles....

Soon, the sky turned dark and mozzies were starting to feast on us. We finally packed up and bade farewell to each other. Thank you again to Auntie Irene and Auntie Moon and their families for this wonderful outing!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mouldy Bread

The homemade bread that mummy bakes can barely remain fresh beyond 3 days. On the fourth day, the chances of it becoming mouldy is very high.

This particular wholemeal loaf turned mouldy prematurely because mummy suspected that it wasn't properly cooled before storage. Not willing to see it (nearly half a loaf!) go to waste, she scraped off the fungi, sealed it in a bag and tossed it into the freezer.

Poor bread...

We brought the frozen bread all the way back to Seremban today. In the evening, we made a trip to City Park to feed the fishes....

Let's go feed the fish...

Here you go fishies... enjoy your meal. Hope you will not get tummy-aches, or worse, DIE *gasp*

After feeding the fishes, we went to an open area to play frisbee. I didn't quite know how how to play it and kept tossing it upwards haha!

Playing frisbee with Gung-gung... can you spot the frisbee?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Do You Floss Your Teeth?

Mummy is quite fussy over my oral and dental hygiene. To introduce me to proper dental care (besides brushing my teeth), she bought me a pack of cute kiddie floss.

Children's Flossers from Tesco

Four different colours and designs to choose from

Mummy is hopelessly terrified of dental visits herself so naturally, she just wants to spare me the agony of going under the dentist's drill or worse, "pliers". So this is what I do (and expected to do from now on) every night before bed...

Say aaaaah!

Mummy will help me with the first round of thorough flossing. I am then allowed to do it on my own and practice doing it in whatever way I like...

I like to do it while lying down so that my saliva won't drip out haha!

While we are on the topic of dental floss, here's something naughty that I did quite some time ago *giggles*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of Savings and Onions

Finally, the stack of angpau, which has been sitting on mummy's dressing table since CNY, has been cleared away.

Let's count the money now. Oh before that, must take some photos of my collection first.

I insisted on squatting in the middle like this... nice meh? *mummy shakes head*

When told to pick my favourite, I chose these...
... simply because they were the cutest!

I had quite a number of RM50, thanks to my many generous relatives, followed by RM10, a handful of RM2 and a few RM5...

We went to the "camel bank" (that's what I called it) to deposit the cash into my savings account. On our way to the bank...

Mummy: What would you like to buy with all this money?
Me: *very confidently* Veggie, of course! ("Of course" hahaha!)
Mummy: Some more?
Me: Banana...
Mummy: Some more?
Me: Onions...

Onions? Hahaha! Funny or not? Onions. What a joker I am!

Mummy asked me the same question last year and my answer was just as boring. Well, that's me.... sensible, practical and realistic... and maybe, frugal like daddy and mummy haha!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An "Ah Choo" Story

What do you do when you are about to sneeze and your mouth is full? Here's what happened while I was having my dinner a few days ago:

With a mouth full of rice, I had a sudden urge to sneeze. *Ah choo... ah choo..... ah choo* I sneezed, three times in a row. After that, I smiled and looked very impressed, as if I had just performed a great feat. I then asked mummy "Do you know why my rice didn't fly out? Because I kept them here *pointing to my cheeks*

Daddy and mummy burst into laughter after hearing my explanation. In just that split second, I managed to quickly "evacuate" my food to a "safer" place haha!

Full of antics, even during mealtimes

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Ipoh Day Trip

We are quite fond of making day trips to Ipoh, mainly to makan-makan (eating spree) and visit some relatives. Today is actually Mah-mah's birthday so we decided to celebrate it differently, with a trip down hometown. Starting our journey as early as 6:30am, the eight of us (Mah-mah, Yeh-yeh, daddy, mummy, Koo-koo, Koo-jeong, Hayley jie-jie and I) traveled together in two cars.

As usual, we had dim-sum breakfast at Foh San. Our table was filled with all kinds of yummy delights. However, I was not keen on any of them except for the fishballs. It was a boring (although I don't agree with that) fishballs-only meal for me...

Sedap until angkat kaki... what an unladylike demeanor *mummy frowns* *daddy shakes head*

After a hearty breakfast, we went sight-seeing around Ipoh town and visited some of the famous limestone cave temples.

Giggling girls... with Hayley jie-jie at the last (back) row of Koo-koo's brand new car

Our first stop was the Sam Poh Tong temple. There was not much to see here. The place was not very well-kept and the tortoise pond was in quite a sorry state. The most beautiful place here was probably the garden at the entrance of the cave.

My first time walking in a real cave!

Next, we went to another cave temple called Kek Lok Tong. This place looked so much better.

The sand in my slippers attracted so much attention hehe...

At the koi pond with daddy

Exploring the inside of the magnificent cave

We walked through the cave and were greeted by a beautiful garden on the other side...

Alright, let's go for lunch now

Soon, it was lunch time. Mummy suggested going to this "tai shue kiok" (big tree's foot) after reading about it here. With the help of Google Map, we managed to find it quite easily.

Yong tau foo with noodle soup... cheap and good!

Some of the side dishes... popiah, chee cheong fun, fruit drinks and creme caramel

The drinks there were rather unique and they were all really good!

Later, we made a trip to Pusing (about 20 mins' drive from Ipoh), daddy's birth place. We visited Sook-gung and Sook-por here. We've always wanted to come here because of their mini poultry "farm". However, we arrived a little too late (in the evening), and just after the rain so the coop was infested with mosquitoes, shattering our hopes of chasing and playing with the chickens. Feeling rather unsatisfied, we went against repeated warnings and made a quick dash inside just to say hi and bye to the hens, the roosters and the ducks.

Hello chickies, bye chickies. Hello duckies, bye duckies.

Just like that, in just under 2 minutes, we ran back into the house with more than 10 mozzie bites all over our arms and legs! Well, although we did not get to "bond" with the chickens, we got to eat their eggs haha! Sook-por gave us a bag of fresh eggs...

"Organic" free-range chicken and duck eggs... can't wait to eat them!

We then headed to Tanjung Tualang for dinner. This town is well-known for fresh seafood. The dishes that we had were all yummy beyond description (which explained why we kept coming back here). I ate more rice than usual because fish and prawns are my favourite!

We had deep-fried oyster omelette, paku vege (a kind of fern) with sambal belacan, tofu with mixed vege, kam-heong crabs, butter prawns, steamed fresh prawns and steamed catfish.

With a beaming Mah-mah, the birthday girl

After dinner, it was time to go home. Both Hayley jie-jie and I were totally knocked-out in the car. We slept throughout the 2-hour journey and reached home around midnight!

Slept all the way home...

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