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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sandwich Girl

A couple of days ago, mummy received a circular from my kindy...

She then spent days cracking her head to come up with ideas to dress me in. The theme for our previous (the 1st) Theme Day was Animals. Mummy felt really guilty for not preparing anything for me, esp when she saw my classmates dressed in cute bee and bunny costumes, tiger suits, butterfly wings etc. and all I had was just a giraffe soft toy as prop.

This time, the theme was even more difficult. Food. Mummy can't sew and can't cook... so how? Well, later, while slicing a loaf of homemade bread, an idea popped up in her mind. She told me she was going to make me a sandwich. We gathered some cardboards, scissors, paper, crayons, glue and started working on our little project. I helped to colour the "sandwich fillings" with crayons.

Tadaaa! Wholemeal sandwich with lettuce & cheese (front) and ham & tomato (back) made from recycled materials... used paper and cardboards

Err... it looked rather lousy but... better than nothing lah hahaha!

A very happy me donning my sandwich attire

And here are some of the interesting costumes that my friends wore at school today...

K (the girl behind ) wore a very pretty Disney Princesses multi-tiered cake

N was a little chef and YW was a fish! Cute, eh?

One for the album... with some of my classmates (2 were absent)

All the photos in school were taken by Miss E, my teacher.

At the end of the day, the poor lettuce had become "ham choy" (salted and preserved vege) haha!


  1. Then Mama can boil ham choy soup lor :p

    Cute la the way she wore the sandwich

  2. Mummy is so brilliant! Chloe is a cute little sandwich :) I think I would have struggled if given the same challenge.

    Although I really wonder what happens to those kids whose parents who work full-time n don't have time to create a costume for their child. Rent? Or the child goes to school feeling left out?

  3. clap clap!!! Mommy did a great job! It might be just a simple sandwich fillings but you have put in great efforts.

  4. nowadays mums also have to think for the teacher... great job!

  5. So creative!! She looks super cute in the costume :)

  6. adorable! haha,and very healthy too!:D

  7. hahah so cute got theme wan. And yr ham choy sandwich girl is very cute

  8. LOL! Mummy is so creative! Applause!! Chloe is such a "cute-bread" in her costume, her montessori has so much fun for the children...very thoughful!

    The way mummy addressed the ham choy lettuce is hilariously funny! Have a wonderful weekend to you!

    p/s: Regarding my girl "conteng" on daddy's wall, our house is actually under renovation. Next Monday we will have our house repaint! Papa has to wash the wall because silly mama used fabric paint instead of water colour for the mural!:p

  9. Chloe is cute enough to work as a walking sandwich promoting a Deli.. lol.. this kindie is cool :D

    having this kind of themes.. not only the kids busy.. mommy will be busy as well.. but fun :D

  10. Mummy you are so creative! I'm totally hopeless in this area. Good job.

  11. Wow, this is awesome. Such a creative outfit :D I love it :D

  12. Very GREEN! Good job mummy....

  13. hey, mommy so creative! very good! very good! if me, sure i blur habis. haha!

  14. haha very cute sandwich. The fish head is very creative too.

  15. You're so creative! The theme day is very interesting... haha.

  16. Wow...not bad can came out with this idea..creative lo.


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