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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Book Frenzy And A Book Blunder

After reading so much about this BookXcess from Smallkucing, we finally went there today. Boy! We nearly drowned in the sea of cheap books! If you have read about my "Bribery" earlier, you would have noticed how much daddy and mummy loved buying books for me.

Well, this time, since we had a very limited time to spare (we only went there at 7pm, after spending nearly 10 hours in MidValley earlier), the stash that we managed to grab were rather limited too...

Books for everyone in the family (the most expensive was only RM19.90!)

Mummy nearly went berserk when she saw two big shelves filled with the Little Miss books! Being a great fan of these books, she tried hard to control her compulsive shopping, and grabbed only 6 of the 12 available titles...

Little Miss books and a Care Bears activity book for me

When she browsed the books at home, uh oh... she found the stories too familiar. Big mistake! She should have browsed the books at the bookstore and not at home!!! Luckily they were only RM2.90 each. She realized that the stories from the 6 books were actually "extracted" from this book...

The Little Miss Story Treasury bought by Kau-foo

This much-treasured book actually has a compilation of 15 stories (so mummy can forget about the rest of the titles on the shelves of BookXcess haha). Well, what shall we do with the redundant books now? We will be giving them away. Let's see who the lucky kid(s) is ;-)

The free Playboy bunny book thong

For our RM122 purchase today, we were rewarded with a free 3-year BookXcess membership (we can foresee more frequent trips there hehe) and a book thong. Of the many cute designs that they had, I just had to choose this "Playboy" rabbit haha!

Oh what a day! We've been out shopping the whole day, for nearly 12 hours (9.45am to 9:15pm). Finally, I went to bed with a new bedtime story...

Daddy reading the penguin story to me... Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter


  1. ahh..looks like everyone is going ga ga over bookxcess :D i love its new place. we were there 2 weeks ago but couldn't find any books that i like. Ashley didn't want to leave :(

  2. finally u went! i need to go collect my membership card also. hehe! better get books here, much much cheaper :) but then if new books, kena wait duno how long, cus i don think they carry the latest titles ;(

  3. finally went.

    Is the rm1-RM3 bargain bin still there? two weeks time you can go and collect your membership card lor. And ngum ngum their new shipment coming in around that time. Sure kena spend more money liao :P

    @Irene Now kira ok jor. Some titles are pretty new. Last time not that many new titles

  4. how much they r seling the penguin book?

  5. Very nice books you got there...

  6. OMG, you shopped for 10 hours in MVMM and then continued shopping to buy books?? Chloe didn't complain?

  7. also cannot tahan already. :P Wah, Chloe likes the book Papa read for her ah..hehe..good lah. :)

  8. I went there too after reading Little Miao's post! It's definitely a good buy... hey, you got a lovely book thong! Mine was entirely "green", not fancy at all!:p

    Have a great week ahead!

  9. mtc: If we haven't been out the whole day, we wouldn't want to leave too :p

    Irene: I don't "chase" new books so it's ok. I can wait :)

    smallkucing: Yes, the RM1-3 bargain bin was still there. After going there, hub said dun wanna go buy books at MPH or Popular anymore haha.

    LittleLamb: The penguin book is only RM19.90!

    p&pmum: Thanks :)

    HFM: We are one crazy family haha. C is a very seasoned mall-kaki. Complain dun wanna go home, got lah :p

    Mummy Gwen: This girl really hunger for bedtime stories one... any boring stories also ngam ;-)

    Alice: We are suckers for cheap books :) C chose the book thong based on her fav colour... yellow. I tried suggesting something else but she insisted on that one :(

  10. haha she like the Iceberg Melting story?? Nice grab for all those books.

  11. good to read book. uncle want to buy too.

  12. BOOKS! I love books. Good bargain... In Penang I mostly go to MPH and head to their bargain section first.... Ziyi is mad about DORA at the moment. See whether I can find good Dora books next time.


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