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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Addicted to DONKEY

Mummy happened to come across this card game not long after reading about it in this mummy's blog. Since it brought back many fond memories of her childhood, she got me two packs (the other one was was SNAP) as well..

After watching daddy and mummy play the first round of the game, I managed to grasp the idea and understand the concept of the game so in the next game, I joined in too... and immediately got hooked!

I loved the game so much, I kept requesting to play it again and again although it was already way past my bedtime, at 11pm. Everytime I got the donkey card, I'd go hee-haw, hee-haw like this...

That night, we played 3 games in a row and guess what? Mummy was the "donkey" in all those 3 games. Hahaha!!

Steady Hands

This is how I play the Uno Stacko on my own... stack them up like this as high as possible...

How high can I go? I did this all by myself.

Daddy and mummy were quite impressed with my very steady hands because I hadn't built a very solid foundation... just look at the base... the whole structure was merely supported on 2 vertical pieces!

When Kai Lan Is Not a Type of Veggie

Kai Lan is my new Mandarin teacher! She is the main character in my latest favourite cartoon, Ni Hao Kai Lan (pronounced kai-lend), which is aired over Channel 612 under Nick Jr, every morning at 10.30.

Kai Lan and her cute little friends

Kai Lan and her Yeh-yeh

Glued to the tv when this program in on

Now, let's find out how educational this cartoon is...

Mummy: So... what did you learn today?
Me: Nothing!

HAHAHA! *Mummy slaps forehead* (Sorry, Kai Lan)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My "Bribery"

Mummy was busy in the kitchen as usual when I kept repeating something to her. She kept straining her ears, trying to decipher what I was saying... "Mummy look! My bribery. I have a bribery. You see, this is my bribery". Still unable to understand what I was trying to say, she finally went out to take a look...

Ooh... I had arranged 6 books on the tv cabinet like this and called it my "bribery" (library). Haha!

Come to think of it, we actually DO have a mini library at home as I have quite a number of books placed around the house...

Compartment 1 of the big bookshelf...

Compartment 2 of the big bookshelf...

Activity books, writing books and colouring books under my study table...

Baby board books in the box...

More books on my study table...

In one of the tv cabinet drawers...

On the side table in my bedroom...

And even on my bed!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

KJ Park Revisited

Daddy and mummy used to frequent this park in Kelana Jaya (along the LDP) during their younger days, before they had me. They finally brought me here for the very first time today... that was how long ago since they last came here.

As usual, I was only attracted to the playground.

Nice playground - divided into a few sections with a wide variety of things to play with

Lost in the maze...

It was fun running around in the life-size maze.

The fountain

Posing beside the lake

After about 10 minutes of walking, I asked mummy "Where is our car? Why so long? Are we lost in the forest?" Hahaha!

Walking hand-in-hand with daddy

Taking a rest

The main arch (noticed a boy lying flat on the floor behind? He was skateboarding with his friends when he suddenly pretended to drop dead right in the background of my photo haha!)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Animal Choo-Choo Train

Although I am a big fan of kiddy rides, never once have I pestered daddy or mummy for a ride on this...

I call this the Animal Choo-Choo Train

The other day, at Sunway Pyramid, daddy decided to let me take a ride on it. We were already approaching the ride and daddy was even getting ready to pay for it when mummy suddenly objected at the very last minute simply because she did not bring the camera with her. She wanted to take photos of my very first ride on it.

Imagine my disappointment... to be led to the ride and be barred from riding it! However, I behaved exceptionally well as I did not cry, fuss or throw a tantrum. I did not even utter a single sound of protest. This made mummy extremely guilty so she made a promise to me, that I will get to ride it on our next shopping trip.

Today, as soon as I woke up from my sleep and saw daddy around (meaning he's not working), I knew it was shopping day. I requested to go to 1 Utama repeatedly. I also kept reminding mummy about the animal choo-choo train... "You promised me, remember?"

She kept her promise and I finally got to enjoy my very first Animal Choo-Choo Train ride...

Happy at last...

While I was enjoying my ride (I had the whole ride to myself!), mummy was trailing me from behind like a paparazzi, to capture some videos and photos of me hehehe!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Look-Out Point

(Backdated post for 13 Sept 2009)

It is daddy's birthday today. We, the whole family, including Yeh-yeh, Mah-mah, Koo Ma, Koo Koo, Koo-Jeong and Hayley jie-jie, went for dinner together at the Look Out Point in Ampang/Hulu Langat.

After quite a long journey from home, we were greeted by nice, cool weather on this little hill. As it was a rainy day, it was quite windy and chilly too.

Walking to the restaurant with Yeh-yeh and Hayley jie-jie

My funny way of sitting

Making funny faces again... see my cheeky look

It's daddy's birthday but I received a present instead

The view of the city, taken with our basic, low-end camera.

Dinner (most of us had western meals) was good and since almost everyone in the family got together, it was a very happy outing. What a fun and enjoyable trip!

(The clearer pics are courtesy of Koo-koo)

Mischievous and Full Of Antics

Mummy has just finished labeling all the blog posts in my blog... 515 entries altogether, as of today.

The result of my "personality test" is finally out. Topping the list are these two categories: ANTICS and MISCHIEF. Well, that's me... forever mischievous and full of antics!

Mummy also couldn't resist chuckling to herself when she browsed through some of her old favourites in Sleeping Unbeauty, Cute Blunders and Flashback.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Solving Mystery

"Ssssshhhh.... please don't disturb me. I'm solving a mystery!"

That's exactly what I said. Armed with a magnifying glass, I hunched and squinted my eyes, working very seriously as I scanned through the floor and tried to ransack the rooms in Ah Ma's house...

My antics really kept Ah Ma and Gung-gung in stitches!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Language Confusion

Mummy has been diligently teaching me BM lately. While trying to show-off to Ah Ma how good my BM was...

Mummy: *pointed to her head*
Me: kepala
Mummy: Yes! *ruffled her hair*
Me: rambut
Mummy: Correct! *pointed to her ear*
Me: telinga
Mummy: That's right! *pointed to her nose*
Me: hidung
Mummy: Good! *pointed to her cheek*
Me: pipi
Mummy: Clever girl!


It went on and I continued to name all the parts correctly until it came to tangan, when mummy waved her hands at me to signal "hand". This was what I said...

Me: shou (that's Mandarin)

Blueberry Bao

We were having tea at a nearby coffeeshop and Gung-gung had ordered some bao to go with the drinks. I tried both the tau-sar (red bean paste) and kaya bao.

When asked which was nicer, I said "the blueberry one" while pointing to the tau-sar bao. Haha!

Blueberry bao, anyone? Hehe!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Mean...

Of late, I am quite good at correcting myself. Everytime I realize that I've said something wrong, I will immediately self-correct with the phrase "I mean".

A few days ago, mummy was sitting down, holding a stainless steel bowl when I went near her and saw something on it. This was what I said:

"Mummy, I can see your shadow in the bowl, I mean, your reflection!"

Mummy was very surprised and impressed that I could actually tell the difference between a shadow and a reflection!

Her reflection on the bowl

Of Chopsticks and Finger Puppets

Look, I know how to use chopsticks!

I was cheating, of course, hehe...

... cos I was using a pair of training chopsticks that Koo-koo bought for me.

*Slurp*... eating noodles is much more fun now!

Koo-koo also bought these very cute finger puppets for me...

This little monkey, went to market. This little panda, stayed at home. This little tiger, had roast beef. This little elephant had none and this little zebra cried wee wee wee...

Thank you, Koo-koo! I like my presents very much!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Am I Doing?

There I go again... playing with another container. Eventhough this is an opaque one, I still find it a pleasure to put over my head so that I can do something private underneath haha...

Funny or not? What do you think I was doing?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Expired" Lantern

It's that time of the year again... The other day, while shopping at Tesco, I was attracted to this huge display of cute lanterns. Mummy said I already had one at home so she didn't get me any.

A few days later, I asked for my lantern so mummy brought it out for me to play. It is Huan Huan, one of the mascots from last year's Beijing Olympics. It was a gift from Auntie Shellie, mummy's old buddy. Although this lantern is so "last year", it is far from being expired because the light is still working perfectly, after being put away for one whole year!

Where's the music?

As I was playing with it, I kept turning it all around, flipping it upside-down, looking for a button to press. When I couldn't find any, I asked "Hey, where's the music?" It is "expired" and now it is silent? What a short-change! Haha!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Up: My First Movie Experience

After the kindy registration, we went to the GSC at Tropicana City Mall for a movie... my very first in a cinema!

We watched UP. Yes, it's an "outdated" show but we're not complaining. Since it was a weekday and since it was "outdated" there were only 7 people in the cinema, including us! Daddy got a free movie treat (for his birthday month), I watched it for free too, while mummy paid only RM7 for her ticket. So it was only RM7 for us whole family.

The ad in the mall...

Playing in the mini playground after lunch, before heading off to the cinema.

It's movie time!

Ate popcorn for the very first time

I popped a piece of caramel popcorn into my mouth... munched, munched, munched... urrggh! I didn't like it and wanted to spit it out but mummy made me swallow it :-(

Overall, I was quite well-behaved but occassionally, I talked quite loudly. For the first 10 mins of the show, I sat down and watched quietly. After that, I got up to play with the chair. I kept pushing the seat up and down. I did that many, many times! After sitting down for about 5 mins, I'd stand up and play with the seat again haha. Towards the end of the show, for about half an hour, I fell asleep, tired from the workout of standing and sitting, and pushing the seat up and down haha!


Daddy was on leave today (replacement leave for his birthday yesterday haha) so we decided to take a walk to the kindy again to register me for the academic year of 2010.

Noticed the calculator on the table? Tit tit tit tit tit... this is the RMxxxx amount you have to pay, dad! Haha!

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