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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Animal Choo-Choo Train

Although I am a big fan of kiddy rides, never once have I pestered daddy or mummy for a ride on this...

I call this the Animal Choo-Choo Train

The other day, at Sunway Pyramid, daddy decided to let me take a ride on it. We were already approaching the ride and daddy was even getting ready to pay for it when mummy suddenly objected at the very last minute simply because she did not bring the camera with her. She wanted to take photos of my very first ride on it.

Imagine my disappointment... to be led to the ride and be barred from riding it! However, I behaved exceptionally well as I did not cry, fuss or throw a tantrum. I did not even utter a single sound of protest. This made mummy extremely guilty so she made a promise to me, that I will get to ride it on our next shopping trip.

Today, as soon as I woke up from my sleep and saw daddy around (meaning he's not working), I knew it was shopping day. I requested to go to 1 Utama repeatedly. I also kept reminding mummy about the animal choo-choo train... "You promised me, remember?"

She kept her promise and I finally got to enjoy my very first Animal Choo-Choo Train ride...

Happy at last...

While I was enjoying my ride (I had the whole ride to myself!), mummy was trailing me from behind like a paparazzi, to capture some videos and photos of me hehehe!


  1. Chloe you better ask mommy to get a camera handphone, so no more disappointment again :)

  2. Vicky, actually my phone got camera, but quality not good enough ma (2MP only). In fact, she asked me to use my phone camera too but I buat tak tau, and said I left my phone at home haha...

  3. are such a good girl, Chloe. so, did you have fun?

  4. Chloe's mummy!!! How can u made a child so dissapointed? Awww.... but luckily u compensated back! Bet she enjoyed the rides.

  5. so mommy kerja the ride round n round la? hahaha... nver let krys ride on these b4, was thinking if i do, i ikut round n round izit? or i sit together with her?


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