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Sunday, September 27, 2009

KJ Park Revisited

Daddy and mummy used to frequent this park in Kelana Jaya (along the LDP) during their younger days, before they had me. They finally brought me here for the very first time today... that was how long ago since they last came here.

As usual, I was only attracted to the playground.

Nice playground - divided into a few sections with a wide variety of things to play with

Lost in the maze...

It was fun running around in the life-size maze.

The fountain

Posing beside the lake

After about 10 minutes of walking, I asked mummy "Where is our car? Why so long? Are we lost in the forest?" Hahaha!

Walking hand-in-hand with daddy

Taking a rest

The main arch (noticed a boy lying flat on the floor behind? He was skateboarding with his friends when he suddenly pretended to drop dead right in the background of my photo haha!)


  1. ooo...coincidently, we passed by this park yesterday. nice eh? i saw many people strolling and jogging there.'s too far for us :D

  2. where is this park?? next time we go together

  3. Oh..Mummy and Daddy used to "pak toh" here lah..hehe. That's so memorable to bring Chloe here. The park looks FUN.

  4. The park looks so nice eh! I think I never go there before...

  5. Very big and nice park. And I like the maze! Not really crowded huh, because the playground looked so empty. hehe

  6. Kelana Jaya (along the LDP) oh I think I know where it's. I saw a big lake near the road side.

  7. Mommy to Chumsy, oh you did? Well, the next time you pass by here again, can drop by. It's quite nice.

    Little Prince's Mummy, thanks. We like it too :-)

    LittleLamb, aiyo how come you dunno this place? It's just right beside your future home ler...

    Mummy Gwen, haha yes... exercise and pak toh at the same time.

    Mummy Moon, yes, overall it's nice but some parts not so nice as the water is quite smelly. We didn't go to that part.

    mNhl, we went quite early and after the rain so it was not crowded and the playground was empty cos it was a bit wet hehe..

    Vicky, yes, if you u drive along the LDP, u should be able to see it at the roadside. It's quite big... you won't miss it.

  8. wah, daddy & mummy come here lomantic b4 ah? so sweet hor. hehehe... nice park :)

  9. My parent's house is very near to Kelana Jaya and my secondary school is next to LDP too.

    But I never been to the park you mentioned. Hehe.


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