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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My "Bribery"

Mummy was busy in the kitchen as usual when I kept repeating something to her. She kept straining her ears, trying to decipher what I was saying... "Mummy look! My bribery. I have a bribery. You see, this is my bribery". Still unable to understand what I was trying to say, she finally went out to take a look...

Ooh... I had arranged 6 books on the tv cabinet like this and called it my "bribery" (library). Haha!

Come to think of it, we actually DO have a mini library at home as I have quite a number of books placed around the house...

Compartment 1 of the big bookshelf...

Compartment 2 of the big bookshelf...

Activity books, writing books and colouring books under my study table...

Baby board books in the box...

More books on my study table...

In one of the tv cabinet drawers...

On the side table in my bedroom...

And even on my bed!


  1. Your books are so well-organized :)

    Nice library you have!

  2. wow, so many nice books... and so many 'briberies'... hehe... :)

  3. so many books??? aiyo. lucky gal!

  4. lots of books, countless of toys, clothes... what else ah? hahahaha... lucky lil princess!

  5. Your girl so lucky, own so many books and toys all by herself!

  6. many books!! No wonder you are so smart.

  7. Really a lot of books wor! But they are all so well kept! My terrible 2 will usually tear them just after 2 hrs buying it :-(

  8. You have so many books hor... and I can see your books are all well organised. Good girl!

  9. Yea, your house is a library itself.
    So many books that you bought for Chloe.

    For me, I just store all Sarah's book in a box.

  10. wow, your 'bribery' is so neat :D that's a lot of books you got there.


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