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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Kai Lan Is Not a Type of Veggie

Kai Lan is my new Mandarin teacher! She is the main character in my latest favourite cartoon, Ni Hao Kai Lan (pronounced kai-lend), which is aired over Channel 612 under Nick Jr, every morning at 10.30.

Kai Lan and her cute little friends

Kai Lan and her Yeh-yeh

Glued to the tv when this program in on

Now, let's find out how educational this cartoon is...

Mummy: So... what did you learn today?
Me: Nothing!

HAHAHA! *Mummy slaps forehead* (Sorry, Kai Lan)


  1. oh i've heard so much about this cartoon. too bad ashley is school during that time :( do you know if there is a repeat?

  2. Hahaha..Chloe is so cute! Nothing ! The characters look very attractive (with big round eyes).

  3. Oh...looks very educational. Huh...learnt nothing?? What a witty answer..hehe.

  4. hehe... kai lan. so cute la yr lil girl :)

  5. hahhahhahahaha maybe first time cannot learn anything , maybe after a few rounds she will learn or maybe she's just pulling your leg.


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