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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I received some very nice birthday presents from my loved ones recently...

Not many but I love them all!

Ceramic tea party set from Aunty BS, mummy's childhood buddy

Mould & paint kit from Yee Ma (together with an ang pau)

An interesting and informative book from my best friend, Aaron

Hello Kitty playhouse from Kau-foo

Cute pair of blouse and shorts (Marks & Spencer), also from Kau-foo

And the following are all from daddy and mummy... 

Bop It XT... I'm now playing the "Master" level and I'm really good in this (better than daddy!)

My very first two Geronimo Stilton books... I love it! I'd curl up at a cosy corner of the sofa, read this on my own and laugh aloud when I come across something funny hahaha...

6-in-1 collection of my favourite Where's Wally books (bought at a further price reduction of RM49.95 )

UNO Spin (daddy, mummy and I are hooked to this and we play this every night after our dinner)

In deep concentration... putting stickers on the furniture of my Hello Kitty playhouse

Once again, a big thank you to Auntie BS, Kau-foo, Yee Ma, Auntie Stephanie (Aaron's mummy) and not forgetting Ah Ma, Gung-gung, Yee Por and Yee Ma for the angpaus! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My New Specs

I went for my eye check-up recently and came back with both good and bad news. Let's start with the bad news first... the power of my myopia has increased. According to my doctor (ophthalmologist) , this is very normal because as I grow, my eyeballs will enlarge and elongate, and this will naturally cause my power to increase. She prescribed the MyoVision lenses for me in the hope that this special breakthrough lenses is able to slow down the progression of my shortsightedness.

Well, the good news is, I have no more "lazy eyes". My vision can now be corrected to 6/6.

Test-wearing the new power for 10 minutes... no dizziness. Ok, pass!

Daddy conveying another bad news to me "No more iPad games on weekdays!"

Last year's prescription... 

My latest prescription... 

The special lenses prescribed to me

Immediately after leaving the eye specialist centre, we headed to Focus Point to pick a new frame for my new pair of MyoVision glasses.

I insisted on this pair of plastic-ky, thick-framed, nerdy one. Although I looked somewhat cute in this, it didn't gain mummy's approval...

How about this one then? It's purple and purple is my favourite colour...

Finally, we decided on this one... a pink frame with stars on the sides... nice?

There... me in my new specs :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Fun Day

My birthday this year was a very simple and quiet one. As a mark of respect to Yeh Yeh's recent demise, all lavish celebrations, including my birthday party plan had to be scrapped (mummy had earlier planned a birthday bash for me in school with cakes, snacks, party packs and all). Well, nevermind if the school party had to be cancelled but there was one place that I wanted to go very badly - Kid's e World.

Mummy tried luring me to Kidzania instead but no other interesting places could make me change my mind so Kid's e World it was, for me. On the morning of my actual birthday, I went to school as usual. Immediately after school, I was whisked off to Kid's e World in IPC (Ikano Power Centre)...

Rotating bear

Rotating "coconut tree"

Tall-tall slide

Rotating octopus

Ball pit... my favourite!

I played alone most of the time. Later, I found a friend in a little girl called Faith. Before Faith came along, daddy and mummy were my playmates... 

Big potato mummy having a ball of a time with me

Wheeeeeeeeeee! The 2 big potatoes enjoyed this too :p

Big potato mummy sitting on the tall-tall spiral slide with me

Initially, mummy felt that the RM30 entrance fee (unlimited play time) on a weekday was quite pricey but after spending nearly 6 hours watching the priceless smile and happiness in me, it was all worth it. Plus, the two big potatoes (namely daddy & mummy) had their share of playing there too so RM30 was CHEAP compared to, say, a trip to Genting haha!

Dinner in Sakae Sushi, The Curve

Dessert at home (it's Wondermilk cuppies as per my wish)

Monday, August 13, 2012

S.I.X... 6!

I am 6 years old today. Here's something about me at the age of 72 months...

Height: 125cm
Weight: 23kg
Likes: Playing Lego, playing iPad games, eating sushi, pizza, cycling, swimming, playing the piano, going to Ikea
Dislikes: Being scolded by mummy, durian, homework
Positive traits in me: Sweet-natured, no temper & tantrums, quite obedient, cheerful, humourous, easy-going, easy to feed, easy to handle, easy to please :)
My weaknesses: Mischievous (sometimes), stubborn, very slow in getting things done, extremely timid and very clumsy!

Here are some of my photos from birth until now, compiled monthly (and re-posted here every year on this very same day haha!). Watch me grow...

My 1st year... 0-12 months

My 2nd year... 13-24 months

My 3rd year ... 25-36 months

My 4th year... 37-48 months

My 5th year... 49-60 months

My 6th year... 61-72 months 

And finally, here's the Birthday Princess on the eve of her 6th birthday (just before bedtime)

Just like all the previous years on my birthday, I get a love letter from daddy and mummy...

To Our One and Only Darling Daughter,

Time flies and today is our 6th anniversary of being parents. We want to thank you for coming into our lives... filling our days with tremendous joy and contentment. We love watching you grow and mature, we enjoy nurturing and pampering you, we adore your antics and silliness... the list is endless! Raising you is fun, fulfilling and rewarding, especially when we see you blossoming into a fine young girl. Do continue to be good, obedient and lovable. Wishing you good health and happiness always!

You're our precious, you're our sweetheart, you're our beloved, WE LOVE YOU! Happy 6th birthday, dear!

Loving you forever,
Daddy & Mummy

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Disney Junior Birthday Book

I was chosen to appear in Disney Junior's Birthday Book again. This is my 3rd appearance in the catchy birthday dedication video clip featured daily on Channel 613...

I am featured at 0:20 where the lyrics go "Light the candles make a wish, your cake and ice-cream are so delicious..." Here are some of my photos in different scenes taken from the clip...

That's not all... my photo was also picked as the thumbnail photo in YouTube so mummy found my video straightaway without having to view each of the videos one by one :) 

Can you spot me? I'm in August 2012 (Pt 3)

This was the actual photo submitted (minus my glasses), taken in June 2012 and emailed to DJ immediately, "fresh from the camera" ;)

My previous 2 appearances here were during the Playhouse Disney days back in 2008 and 2010. Looking back at these two old posts, mummy couldn't help but noticed how much I've grown and changed!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Yay! I have been accepted into the Chinese primary school that daddy & mummy registered me in last year. When mummy brought me to the school to confirm my placing last week, we found out that all the classes have already been pre-assigned...

I will be in class 1P

Mummy was told by the school's administrative clerk that there would be sixteen Year 1 classes in the school next year. If these classes are sorted in alphabetical order, guess what? I would be in the last class! :(

Friday, August 3, 2012

Farewell, Yeh Yeh

Yeh Yeh (my paternal grandfather) has left us for an eternal rest on 30th July 2012, after a short illness. Throughout the funeral, I was exceptionally obedient and well-behaved. I did everything that was told and did not do those that were prohibited. On several occasions, I even walked to the casket on my own to glance at my beloved Yeh Yeh, after which I told mummy "I am very sad because Yeh Yeh died already" :'-(

Here are some of the happier times spent with Yeh Yeh...

"Test-driving" Yeh Yeh's motorbike, January 2007

 One of the many outings with Yeh Yeh, September 2007

Just one of those days at home with Yeh Yeh, February 2008

Yeh Yeh's birthday celebration in our home, May 2009

Yeh Yeh's 75th birthday celebration in Hilton (KL Sentral), May 2010

With Yeh Yeh on Mah Mah's birthday celebration in Holiday Inn Glenmarie, April 2011

Family holiday in Cameron Highlands, February 2012

To our dearest Yeh Yeh & Pa: 
You will be deeply missed and fondly remembered by all of us!

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