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Monday, August 13, 2012

S.I.X... 6!

I am 6 years old today. Here's something about me at the age of 72 months...

Height: 125cm
Weight: 23kg
Likes: Playing Lego, playing iPad games, eating sushi, pizza, cycling, swimming, playing the piano, going to Ikea
Dislikes: Being scolded by mummy, durian, homework
Positive traits in me: Sweet-natured, no temper & tantrums, quite obedient, cheerful, humourous, easy-going, easy to feed, easy to handle, easy to please :)
My weaknesses: Mischievous (sometimes), stubborn, very slow in getting things done, extremely timid and very clumsy!

Here are some of my photos from birth until now, compiled monthly (and re-posted here every year on this very same day haha!). Watch me grow...

My 1st year... 0-12 months

My 2nd year... 13-24 months

My 3rd year ... 25-36 months

My 4th year... 37-48 months

My 5th year... 49-60 months

My 6th year... 61-72 months 

And finally, here's the Birthday Princess on the eve of her 6th birthday (just before bedtime)

Just like all the previous years on my birthday, I get a love letter from daddy and mummy...

To Our One and Only Darling Daughter,

Time flies and today is our 6th anniversary of being parents. We want to thank you for coming into our lives... filling our days with tremendous joy and contentment. We love watching you grow and mature, we enjoy nurturing and pampering you, we adore your antics and silliness... the list is endless! Raising you is fun, fulfilling and rewarding, especially when we see you blossoming into a fine young girl. Do continue to be good, obedient and lovable. Wishing you good health and happiness always!

You're our precious, you're our sweetheart, you're our beloved, WE LOVE YOU! Happy 6th birthday, dear!

Loving you forever,
Daddy & Mummy


  1. Happy 6th Birthday To Chloe! Wishing you good health, stay beautiful and sweet. :)

    Gwen has a lot in common with Chloe hehe. Anyway, do enjoy your birthday and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday Chloe! May you be bless with many many happy returns, and healthy always! Love all the smiley photos, showing how such a happy you are!

  3. Happy birthday to Chloe! Be sure to read this post when you grow up! You'll realise you're a pretty cute girl, hehe.

  4. Happy Birthday Chloe!! Enjoy yourself today. So clever to smile. Nice pic.

  5. “6th anniversary of being parents“ oh I like this. Love your note for your DD. Happy 6th Birthday to Chloe. Wish you healthy and happy always.

  6. Happy 6th Birthday Sweetie Pie :) Hope you have a blast today! 6 is a big number :)

  7. Happy Birthday Little Girl, Gig girl jor ~ ^_^

  8. Happy Birthday to Chloe!! I love the way you put all her photos together!

  9. When I read .....
    Positive traits in me: Sweet-natured, no temper & tantrums, quite obedient, cheerful, humourous, easy-going, easy to feed, easy to handle, easy to please :)
    My weaknesses: Mischievous (sometimes), stubborn, extremely timid and very clumsy!

    It is so similar to my 6 years old May. Does all 6 years old like this?

    Anyway, I am touched when reading the love letter from daddy and mummy to Chloe. Chloe is so blessed to have such wonderful parents.

  10. The many cute and sweet faces.

    Happy Birthday Chloe!

  11. She is indeed a sweet girl :)
    Happy Birthday Chloe~

  12. Chloe, you are definitely blossoming into a beautiful fine girl.

    Happy birthday, are definitely a blessing to ur parents.

  13. Awwww, Chloe's so lucky to get such an awesome love letter from her loving parents. Every single sentence was beautifully and meaningfully phrased to perfection! A very happy birthday to a very lovely gal! Chloe, may you be filled with lots of good health and bountiful happiness!

  14. Happy 6th birthday Chloe. It's been an amazing journey for you by looking at the pictures from birth till now. Wish her healthy and happy always!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE..... aunty wants to give you a BIG HUUUGGGGG....

    You have definitely grow a LOT... :)

  16. Happy belated 6th birthday to Chloe! You will grow into a fine young lady soon.

    Love the picture-journal mama did for you :D

  17. Hey, I thought I just saw the photo collage and love letter not too long ago. So fast another year already!

    Happy Belated 6th birthday Chloe :)

  18. Wow so much effort and discipline to compile the pictures for the photo collage! Salute! Mummy and daddy are doing a great job raising you... Happy sweet 6th birthday!


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