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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Fun Day

My birthday this year was a very simple and quiet one. As a mark of respect to Yeh Yeh's recent demise, all lavish celebrations, including my birthday party plan had to be scrapped (mummy had earlier planned a birthday bash for me in school with cakes, snacks, party packs and all). Well, nevermind if the school party had to be cancelled but there was one place that I wanted to go very badly - Kid's e World.

Mummy tried luring me to Kidzania instead but no other interesting places could make me change my mind so Kid's e World it was, for me. On the morning of my actual birthday, I went to school as usual. Immediately after school, I was whisked off to Kid's e World in IPC (Ikano Power Centre)...

Rotating bear

Rotating "coconut tree"

Tall-tall slide

Rotating octopus

Ball pit... my favourite!

I played alone most of the time. Later, I found a friend in a little girl called Faith. Before Faith came along, daddy and mummy were my playmates... 

Big potato mummy having a ball of a time with me

Wheeeeeeeeeee! The 2 big potatoes enjoyed this too :p

Big potato mummy sitting on the tall-tall spiral slide with me

Initially, mummy felt that the RM30 entrance fee (unlimited play time) on a weekday was quite pricey but after spending nearly 6 hours watching the priceless smile and happiness in me, it was all worth it. Plus, the two big potatoes (namely daddy & mummy) had their share of playing there too so RM30 was CHEAP compared to, say, a trip to Genting haha!

Dinner in Sakae Sushi, The Curve

Dessert at home (it's Wondermilk cuppies as per my wish)


  1. Happy birthday Chloe! Wow, 6 hours I wonder how'd you survive that... Or how did mommy daddy survive 6hours there?!

  2. Yes, smiley face and happiness that Chloe portrait are so priceless. Anyway you can still bring her to Kidzania one of these days.

  3. The "look of satisfaction" on Chloe's face in the ball pit made it all worth while. Wah! Mummy also join in at the ball pit, eh? So shiok!!!

  4. Chloe, from the photos it looks like you own the playground alone! Hehe... ;)

  5. Aww.. u look very very happy here! Happy Birthday Chloe :)

  6. Happy Birthday Chloe! Why I cannot see Mummy's head in the ball pit? Glad to see Chloe enjoyed herself to the max that day. Gwen would beg me to bring her to this playground if she sees this.

  7. Happy belated birthday to Chloe.

  8. can't let my kids see the new spiral slides!!!!

  9. the play area looked kinda deserted. that's nice as Chloe can have the whole place to herself :) btw, ashley has the same top too :)

  10. SIX HOURS...... OMG!! haha....
    Happy Belated Birthday Chloe

  11. This place is similar with Yu Kids at 1U, brought Sam there once, quite expensive though....

  12. Happy 6th Birthday to you sweetie.


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