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Saturday, May 29, 2010

From Picnic to Poolside Party

It was supposed to be Part II of a very fun family picnic at the Bukit Jalil park. However, it was raining cats and dogs at the time when the picnic was planned so Aunty Moon had it "relocated" to the poolside of a family member's condo. It turned out to be a better place because we could stay on and linger a while longer, even after the sky has turned dark.

Blowing bubbles at the poolside (the rain stopped soon after our arrival here)

The picnic goodies were spread out on one of the tables in the poolside cafeteria. There were a pot of delicious and flavourful chicken curry cooked by Uncle J, famous Kajang satay with nasi impit, Seremban siew pau and fruits. I tried a bit of everything except the chicken curry, which was too spicy for me.

My very first taste of satay

After dinner, while the daddies chatted among themselves and the mummies did the same in another group, we, the kids had fun playing, running around, chasing each other, blowing more bubbles etc. It was quite a noisy but happy gathering.

Pai-pai chor (sitting in a row). From left to right: Gwen, Yan Yan, Terry, Heng Heng and me. It was my first time meeting Gwen and Terry.

Run, run, run...

I was sweating so much, I looked as though someone had just poured a jug of water on me!

Finally... *exhausted* *wipe sweat* Better sit down and take a rest first

A Disney Princesses stationery set, a pair of Hello Kitty hair clips and some Hershey's Kisses

At the end of the party, Aunty YL (Gwen's mummy) gave me a very nice gift pack. Thank you very much, Aunty YL! I immediately helped myself to the goodies in it while mummy was too busy to entertain me. When she came to check on me, I had already popped a chocolate into my mouth and was caught struggling to sharpen the pencil hahaha!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Teacher Wannabe

Besides playing doctor-doctor, I also love to play teacher-teacher. I like to assume the role of my teacher and repeat the things that she says in the class. Sometimes, I would point a stick to the bare wall or my mini white-board and pretend to teach.

In this video, I was singing:

There are 7 days, there are 7 days
In a week, in a week
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Saturday

Teaching the days of the week

Being a teacher is not easy. Here are some of my pupils in Class A...
A bunch of noisy and crazy animals from the zoo

And here is my other group of pupils in Class B...
My Mr Men and Little Miss books

Class B is no better. Just take a look at who they are...
A bunch of "delinquents" haha!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Cute Monster

I must have felt offended the other day when mummy said I couldn't draw at all (although she did not say it in front of me). Today, I surprised her with a very cute drawing. It's a monster...

Now, who said I can't draw?

I then explained my drawing to her, pointing to its 2 ears (mummy thought those were horns), 2 eyes, 2 mouths, 2 teeth and two shoes haha! Mummy was very impressed. When she praised me again and again, I beamed with pride and happiness.

Cute monster showered with alphabets on the sides...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motion Sickness

This morning, for the fourth time, I vomited in daddy's car again. It was a mere 20 minutes' drive to meet up with Aunty Moon and her family for breakfast. I fell asleep in the car on our way there. Upon reaching our destination, right after waking up from my short nap and just when mummy was about to open the car door, I threw up without any warning. The 8oz of milk (plus 3-4oz of water) that I had earlier came gushing out like a waterfall (projectile vomiting) and flooded the seat instantly, with quite a fair amount splattered on mummy's handbag and pants. Eeeewwwww!!!!

Mummy was so mad that she nearly went amok while daddy gasped at the sight of the horrid mess! Very quickly, daddy chucked me out of the car and washed the car (seat) by the roadside (parking lot) with two 1.5L bottles of water and 2 pieces of cloths while mummy went to apologize to Aunty Moon for the screwed-up plan.

Obviously, we had to forget about the breakfast because I did not have any spare clothes to change into. Hungry and upset, both daddy and mummy had no choice but to rush home for more washing and cleaning. What a bummer :(

It was so unfortunate that we did not have the chance to utilize the plastic bags that we have so readily equipped ourselves with (in the car and bag). It happened too fast and unexpectedly. I think it's quite apparent that I'm suffering from "milk-induced acute motion sickness" - a condition self-diagnosed by mummy haha.

Lesson Of The Day For Daddy & Mummy:
It took them 4 very disgusting, messy and stinky lessons to learn that:


The aftermath... completely drenched in my own puke (after the car was cleaned-up)

Draped in a napkin, I slept all the way home

You might be wondering... was I sick? Well, back home, after taking my bath, I looked so normal, no one would believe what had just happened. I even asked for a steamed fishball when I saw daddy and mummy eating the tapau-ed dimsum.

It's yummy! Thank you, Aunty Moon, for the treat :)

Nope, I wasn't sick at all. Far from it. Touch wood.

P.S. Luckily daddy's car wasn't stinky at all, thanks to the very efficient built-in ionizer and easy-to-clean leather seat. Phew!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shy, Quiet and Timid

... that's how my teacher described me at my school's first Parents-Teachers Conference today. Daddy and mummy were not a bit surprised. I have been really timid and quiet to the point of being misunderstood as being rude and ill-mannered at times, especially when I refuse to greet people or respond to questions asked.

While I fared quite well academically, I failed badly in my social skills (which was quite expected).

Social and Emotional Development ratings:

1=weak and 4=good, I scored mostly "2"... cham mou? Mummy thinks I don't even deserve a "2" for some of the skills, esp the first few on the list.

I also brought some books home...
Exercise books, workbooks and progress report

My latest colouring trend is to make everything as colourful as possible. According to my teacher, I curi this idea learned this rainbow-style colouring from a classmate.

Insets for Design (shapes):

Ellipse (left pic) and quatrefoil (right pic)... the vocab used is quite advanced. I just taught mummy what a quatrefoil is *mummy shy only*

Phonic Tracing (writing):

My handwriting is legible (but needs improvement) and my colouring... way too horrible. *mummy shakes head*


My lousy scribblings. I can't draw at all :(

My Science scrapbook is filled with all sorts of interesting materials like real fish scales, feathers, egg shells, foot print etc.

From the progress report, daddy and mummy now have a clearer idea of what I have been learning in school... Languages, Mathematics, Science, Moral, Music and Movement, Sensorial activities, Gross and Fine Motor Skill activities, Personal Safety, Physical Exercise etc.

Some of the Creative Activities:

Some of the Practical Life activities:

Some of the snacks that we prepare in our Cooking Class:

Recently, there was a a simple evaluation on the following topics:

I scored full marks for all :)

Teacher's comment:
- Shy and silent most of the time.
- Seldom speaks to the teachers.
- Needs to be prompted to answer/participate during Circle Time.
- More confident when paired up with another child while working on certain tasks.
- Rather be a keen observer than participating, esp during Conversation Time.
- No problems getting along with classmates.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Doctor Wannabe

I was playing "doctor-doctor" all by myself, examining some imaginary patients when suddenly, I called out mummy's name...

"L-H-L (called out her full-name, haha)... it's your turn".

Surprised, mummy turned to look at me and then burst into laughter when she saw that thing hanging around my neck... a make-believe "stethoscope" that I had created.

Service with a smile... how can I help you, sir?

Mummy was in for more surprises when I told her "Come, I want to give you an injection", while trying to poke a pen on her arm. She has never mentioned or taught me the word "injection" before. And then I added "I want to be a doctor because I want to take care of people". Oh really? Do kids have such an "ambition" at 3 years 9 months?

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sleeping Un-Beauty Part XII

Yes, this is the 12th post on my not-so-elegant sleeping positions. Well, I'm not called a Sleeping Un-Beauty for no reason...

After a hard day's work, any place is a good place to sleep...

The elevated-foot pose...

Posing like Superman after turning almost 180 degree from my original sleeping position

It gets uglier in the car...

If you happen to pop in for a surprise visit, don't be shocked to see me sleeping like this. This is a very common sight in our home....

Like that also can sleep? Yes, and it's my favourite position too!

To view more rib-tickling previous posts, do click on the Sleeping Unbeauty label below.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Little Sprouts

Every now and then, I'd bring home a little something from school, usually some handicrafts. Today, I brought some "babies" home...

It was planted last week on 6/5. In just 7 days, the little sprouts have grown quite a bit. Mummy doesn't remember learning Science when she was in pre-school. Well, neither did I. From this project, I've probably picked up something else instead... comparison, maybe. Comparison as in "so & so's is the tallest", "so & so's is not as tall as so & so's", "so & so got more than mine", "so & so's is the nicest" etc.

When mummy asked me "well, whose is the most not nice, then?" Very quickly, I responded "Mine lah".

*sob sob* Little sprouts must be very heart-broken to hear that

Inverted Drawing and Writing

There's something strange about my drawings sometimes. Instead of drawing straightforwardly, I prefer to draw in contrast, usually darkening the background to highlight the object... like this door. I told mummy it's a door...

Look at the position of the tiny door knob haha!

Sometimes this reverse-pattern is seen in my writing too. And I even write backwards...

The letter B that didn't quite make it...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Simple Lunch... Mac & Cheese

Macaroni, macaroni, mac and cheese,
Three times daily, pretty please...

The above phrase is part of the Mac and Cheese song sung by Barney and his friends. I hear it very often but I have absolutely no idea what mac and cheese is, until mummy bought this for me to try...

High-Calcium Pokemon Macaroni and Cheese by Kraft

Mummy rarely buys me instant food such as this but once in a blue moon, it's still ok lah. It was very delicious and simple to prepare but mummy said she would not buy it again because it had too high a content of artificial colouring, artificial flavouring and sodium... like eating junk food. Not good for me :-(

Mac and Cheese with carrot and cucumber stripes, grapes and Yakult Light (less sugar)

Nice. The pasta was one of the tastiest we've ever eaten. Cooked al dante, it was very bouncy and chewy!

Needless to say, I enjoyed my mac and cheese very much and nearly licked the bowl clean. I also finished my carrot and cucumber sticks but left 3 grapes behind because I was too full *burp*

Nibbling on the cucumber and carrot sticks

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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