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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shy, Quiet and Timid

... that's how my teacher described me at my school's first Parents-Teachers Conference today. Daddy and mummy were not a bit surprised. I have been really timid and quiet to the point of being misunderstood as being rude and ill-mannered at times, especially when I refuse to greet people or respond to questions asked.

While I fared quite well academically, I failed badly in my social skills (which was quite expected).

Social and Emotional Development ratings:

1=weak and 4=good, I scored mostly "2"... cham mou? Mummy thinks I don't even deserve a "2" for some of the skills, esp the first few on the list.

I also brought some books home...
Exercise books, workbooks and progress report

My latest colouring trend is to make everything as colourful as possible. According to my teacher, I curi this idea learned this rainbow-style colouring from a classmate.

Insets for Design (shapes):

Ellipse (left pic) and quatrefoil (right pic)... the vocab used is quite advanced. I just taught mummy what a quatrefoil is *mummy shy only*

Phonic Tracing (writing):

My handwriting is legible (but needs improvement) and my colouring... way too horrible. *mummy shakes head*


My lousy scribblings. I can't draw at all :(

My Science scrapbook is filled with all sorts of interesting materials like real fish scales, feathers, egg shells, foot print etc.

From the progress report, daddy and mummy now have a clearer idea of what I have been learning in school... Languages, Mathematics, Science, Moral, Music and Movement, Sensorial activities, Gross and Fine Motor Skill activities, Personal Safety, Physical Exercise etc.

Some of the Creative Activities:

Some of the Practical Life activities:

Some of the snacks that we prepare in our Cooking Class:

Recently, there was a a simple evaluation on the following topics:

I scored full marks for all :)

Teacher's comment:
- Shy and silent most of the time.
- Seldom speaks to the teachers.
- Needs to be prompted to answer/participate during Circle Time.
- More confident when paired up with another child while working on certain tasks.
- Rather be a keen observer than participating, esp during Conversation Time.
- No problems getting along with classmates.


  1. *sigh* guess some kids are like this eh? Ashley also doesn't greet ppl unless we prompt her to do so. Some ppl think she's rude but they don't understand that she's actually shy :(

    Chloe's school is really good eh? there are so many activities for her. This is only her first year in a kindy. I am sure by next year, she'll be a different girl when it comes to her social skill :D

  2. Chloe

    2 is better than one...stay cool girl are still young

  3. I am very impressive with the progress report her school prepare for parents to view. It is so detail that you are able to know what your daughter have upto in the school. The school even has the curtesy to list what they have done in their cooking class. That is really good.
    Mind to let me know which school she has gone to?

  4. Also, don't worry, this is just 1st half year Chloe in kindy, she needs a bit of time for adjustment. Definitely you will see huge different at end of year.

  5. Still young lah. Nice rainbow colour seahorse.

  6. Chloe drawing and colouring is much better than my ziyi... I think a child confidence is very important to socialize with others.

    Usually, after ziyi draw or or colour anything, I would say, "huahaha.. very funny, but you did a GREAT JOB, WELL DONE, I love your drawing so much!" (eventhough it might look terrible for other people) :) And I would avoid comment like, "Aiyoh, so TERRIBLE, why the colour so uneven, and not nice one, and out from the line? Can you draw properly or not?"...

    Using positive feedback will make a child happy, and motivate to do better bext time.

    GOOD JOB, Chole! :)

  7. Gwen also doesn't greet people, she is quite shy too. I think Chloe is doing well in school, she scored full marks and she has no problems getting along with her classmates. Chloe draws better than Gwen you know. Gwen can't even draw a car.

  8. Mtc: Oh, Ashley is like that too? I guess this is quite common among girls. Really hope she will get over this one day.

    Smallkucing: True oso... but I guess the teacher oso kesian her, gave her 2 instead of 1 eventhough she really deserved a 1 haha.

    Shenny's Mommy: I thought all schools do this, no? I only posted a fraction of what was listed in her progress report. There are actually many, many more :)

    Pete: Thank you :)

    Linda: You are absolutely right. I only comment about her not-so-nice work here and not in front of her. Most of the time, I will still praise her and give her encouragement (plus positive feedback for improvement)

  9. Mummy Gwen: Chloe is the extreme type. She doesn't even greet her grandparents, aunts and uncles! Sigh! She really can't draw la. The car (the proper looking one) is actually drawn with some help from her teacher. The ones that she drew on her own are those cacat-looking ones below haha.

  10. Oh my, the school really keep a detail record of Chloe, you really get her an ideal school!

    LOL! She has done well for team working, which is one of the crucial socializing skill that would bring her further in the society. Good girl, she takes turn too!

    As for her drawing, the faces are full of expression and I love the cars, in different model and colour. She is quite talented, in my opinion.

    Please have a wonderful day!

  11. very thorough report card man. wow. for a kindy also so keng isn' it. ya loh, still young. sure will change :) bring her out often to mix with other kids more? would that help ah?

  12. wah...the appraisal forms... so many .. but i see the marks all top top.. keep up the good work..
    (nowadays so serious for kids too!)

  13. I think BB is like Koo Koo when she was young. Too shy to greet anyone :p

  14. I like the detailed progress report. They even list out the activities for the different areas (like Creative, Practical Life, etc). My boy's report book oni has the ratings sheets.

  15. I'm falling in love with Chloe's school. She got so many activities YX's school doesn't have. And the shapes she learnt are so advance. I don't know either. haha

    Recently, my boy also like to colour rainbow colour. haha

  16. wah so interesting!! make me wanna go back to kindy... haha. dun worry abt the social skills part lar..

  17. Chloe is doing pretty well mommy. Dont worry ok:-)


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