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Thursday, April 21, 2011

From School to Pool

This afternoon, right after school, on our way home, out of the blue, I suggested swimming. Mummy's immediate response was NO cos it was scorching hot at 2:30pm!

As soon as we reached home, mummy peered down at the swimming pool from the window of the lift lobby and noticed that the pool was partially quite shady. This got her thinking... if I can't swim on a hot day, then there would never be a better day for this. Cold, rainy or windy days are definitely a big no-no. Furthermore, daddy has been paying monthly maintenance fees for underutilized amenities!

Mummy changed her mind on the spot. Next to get changed was me... changed into my swimming suit, of course!

I suggested swimming because I found these "treasures" in my baby toy box yesterday. I used to play with them in the pool when I was younger... just like this.

Wish granted! *So happy* I missed my baby toys so much...

The whole swimming pool to myself!

Poured water on myself to douse the fire within (it was sweltering hot, before the thunderstorm in the evening)

Closed my eyes and hummed a few songs while floating around... aaaaaah, sheer bliss!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

It is Mah-mah's birthday today. We had a family gathering at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

At the lobby of the hotel

We had buffet Hi-tea at the Kites Restaurant in the hotel.

Left pic: The dining area of Kites Restarautant
Right pic: Our Table For Twelve

Some of the buffet counters

Me and my lunch...

Cheers! Bun-toasting with Tai Koo Ma

A manja-manja moment with Mah-mah, the birthday girl :)

"Brushing teeth" with a piece of carrot stick haha!

You mean this ice-cream with marshmallow is for me? Really?

Do-re-mi... with cousins Jeremy and Hayley

After filling up our tummies, everyone came over to our home to spend some family time together. We also brought back a complimentary cake from the hotel.

Cake-cutting ceremony at home

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Saturday

It is Saturday today and both mummy and I were "grounded" because daddy had to go to work. Mummy decided to just stay at home with me. We did arts and crafts in the morning... haven't been doing this on a regular basis (supposed to be every Friday) because we usually go grocery-shopping on Friday afternoons.

Well, we did something "nutty" today. During Chinese New Year, we ate a lot of nuts. Mummy kept some of the shells for this purpose...

Small and big peanut shells and pistachio shells

Gluing the nutshells onto the drawing block with UHU glue was quite tricky so mummy did most of it for me.

There... done! Can you figure out what they are?

I just did most of the painting, with a bit of help from mummy (she did some touching-up)...

Painting the clouds... (large Shangdong peanut shells)

Painting the flowers... (pistachio shells)

Done! Nice or not? Hehehehe...

The final product, after some enhancement work using a marker pen

Ladybird, bumblebee, rainbow caterpillar (entirely my idea) and flowers...

Later in the day, Koo-koo came over for a baking session with mummy. They made egg tarts. It was their very first attempt and the tarts turned out quite well...

Egg tart garnished with kiwiberry and grapes

Mmmmm.... yummylicious!

When I was younger, I never liked the custard and ate only the crust whenever I had egg tarts. I even told Koo-koo "Last time I only eat the yellow part. Now, I eat everything" :) I greedily gobbled one and asked for a second piece. As expected, I couldn't finish it and left the remaining quarter for mummy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birds or Bunnies?

Mummy wanted to bring me for a movie (just the two of us again) because she had two FREE movie tickets which were expiring on 20th April. Daddy did not want to be left out when he heard about our plan hehe. He took half a day off from work to join us.

Right after school today (I had Mandarin class until 2:30pm), I was immediately whisked off to e@Curve. I was given a choice of two movies... the bunny one (Hop) or the bird one (Rio). Mummy was a tad disappointed that I chose the latter. She thought to herself "what can be so interesting about a flock of birds?" Anyway, she did not disapprove and went ahead with the ticket redemption for the 5:25pm show.

With the giant Rio beach ball at the cinema

We had "healthy junkfood" in replacement of the overly sweet popcorn that I disliked. We munched on this organic tortilla chips with soy and flaxseed, which was gluten-free, transfat-free and MSG-free (mildly flavoured with sea salt).

Watching advertisements while clutching the packet of organic tortilla chips

Mummy was SO wrong! The movie turned out to be hilarious and highly entertaining! Needless to say, we enjoyed the movie very, very much. I told daddy and mummy that I laughed until I cried haha.

It was already 7pm+ when the movie ended. We had dinner in Ikea. I had my favourite kid's spaghetti and I finished the whole plate on my own.

I was a bit grouchy because I missed my afternoon nap and was exhausted after a long day

It feels great to go for rare weekday movie treats like this. We hope to do this again someday...

Monday, April 11, 2011

What's For Lunch? Part 6

Here's another batch of my healthy lunch collection...

Stir-fried organic green-tea noodles with egg, some greens (mummy forgot what vege), carrot and sliced homemade fish-cakes

Fried rice with free-range chicken egg, carrot, French beans and organic corn kernels with baked honey-chicken strips

Angel Hair spaghetti with egg-strips topping (cooked using bottled pasta sauce but with added minced free-range chicken, tomato, celery and onion)

Mee-sua with carrot, potato, spinach and homemade meatball (organic pork) soup

Macaroni with chicken, beetroot, carrot, organic siew-pak-choy and organic broccoli soup

Homemade organic spinach "torn" pan-mee with organic minced pork, mushroom slices and fried anchovies

Salmon rice with cauliflower, organic corn kernels, celery and carrot

Stir-fried alphabet pasta with egg, diced fish cake, white button mushroom, long beans and carrot

Macaroni soup with fish paste, carrot, organic siew-pak-choy and free-range chicken egg

Cheese and potato gnocchi with pasta sauce, chicken and spinach (this dish failed cos I didn't like the gnocchi... it was mummy's 1st attempt in making this)

Fish and potato cutlet with carrot strips, blanched organic broccoli and cherry tomatoes

Homemade tuna mayo buns with long-bean omelette, strawberries, blueberries and orange

They all look very plain, right? Maybe that's because mummy uses very minimal seasonings in her cooking. She uses only sea salt, organic cane sugar, a bit of pepper and light soy sauce and strictly no oyster sauce, no dark soy sauce or any other flavour enhancers (I can have plenty of those when we dine out hehe).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Self-Praise is No Praise

"Mummy, I did it! I'm sooooo impressed!" Yes, I was impressed at myself for advancing to the next level of a mind-challenging game haha. Mummy told me this is called self-praise and I am not supposed to praise myself like that.

Well, we're talking about this Traffic Jam game again...

Traffic Jam (a ciplak version of the original Rush Hour) - the objective is to move the vehicle marked X to the Exit grid at the bottom.

After months (more than a year actually!) of being kept in a storage box, mummy took this out for me to play again. I started playing this game when I was barely 3 years old. I could only manage the Beginner's level then. There are four levels to this game...

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert

Mummy described the Intermediate level to me as "medium hard". I decided to try the "medium hard" cards today, after completing all the cards in the Beginner's level (Easy).

When I first told mummy about my achievement, she appeared to be very doubtful and even suspected that I might have cheated (bad, bad mummy). She then watched me play (another card) and I aced it without any difficulty. It was her turn to be impressed :)

The triumphant 3-year-old me

The in-deep-concentration current me :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Things I Say

Something Gross
Mummy never fails to do a "stool check" every time she cleans me up after my "big business". One day, she took a peek into the toilet bowl as usual and commented...

Mummy: Eeeeeeee... your poo-poo looks like the ice-cream that we had in Penang.
Me: Then you take out and eat lah!
Mummy: ..............

Too Hungry
I walked into the kitchen one day while mummy was busy preparing dinner...

Me: Mummy, is dinner ready yet?
Mummy: No, not yet.
Me: But I'm very, very hungry. I'm thiiiiiiis hungry *stretched my hands wide all the way to the back* You faster say "Oh, my poor darling" lah.
Mummy: Ooh, my poor darling....
Me: Hehehehe... *pranced away happily*

Me: Mummy, when I'm in K2, it will be 2012, right?
Mummy: Yes. And in 2013, you will go to Standard 1.
Me: In 2013, I will go to a real school? A big girl's school?
Mummy: Yes.
Me: Now, I'm in P&J Kindergarden. It's only a garden, not a real school, right?

The Snake Story
I have very dry, scaly and flaky skin, especially on my legs. Mummy says if I don't apply lotion after bath everyday, my skin is going to look like a snake. One day, this was what I told her...

Me: Mummy, if you don't put lotion on my legs, I will die.
Mummy: Hey, cannot say that!
Me: If you don't put lotion, then I will turn into a snake. Y
ou hate snakes so much (yes, mummy ABHORS snakes), you will step on me and kill me. Then no more me already lor! Die lor!

Me: Mummy! Mummy! Mummmmmyyyyyyyyy!
Mummy: Yes?
Me: I LOVE YOU *big smile* I love you sooooooooooo much!
Mummy: Why do you love me so much?
Me: Because you always take good care of me!

A Warning
A few days after the "lost and found" incident in Amcorp Mall...

Me: Mummy, if you don't take care of me properly, I will be lost forever and ever ah! I'm warning you ah!
Mummy: Ok, ok... I know...

Unfinished Lunch
Mummy always finds bits and pieces of unfinished lunch in my lunch box. Sometimes, it can be just a small corner of a piece of bread or just two grapes.

Mummy: Why can't you just eat this up? So little also want to bring home...
Me: Because I don't want to be the last. Teacher says who finish last must wipe the table. I don't want to wipe the table!

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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