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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

It is Mah-mah's birthday today. We had a family gathering at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

At the lobby of the hotel

We had buffet Hi-tea at the Kites Restaurant in the hotel.

Left pic: The dining area of Kites Restarautant
Right pic: Our Table For Twelve

Some of the buffet counters

Me and my lunch...

Cheers! Bun-toasting with Tai Koo Ma

A manja-manja moment with Mah-mah, the birthday girl :)

"Brushing teeth" with a piece of carrot stick haha!

You mean this ice-cream with marshmallow is for me? Really?

Do-re-mi... with cousins Jeremy and Hayley

After filling up our tummies, everyone came over to our home to spend some family time together. We also brought back a complimentary cake from the hotel.

Cake-cutting ceremony at home


  1. Happy Birthday To Chloe's Mah Mah! What a grand celebration. :) Chloe looks very pretty in the dress (seldom see her in dresses).

  2. happy belated birthday to ms grandma :P what a nice, I'm curious to know, how's the food?

  3. happy blated to mah-mah. the ice cream pic so leng lui leh

  4. Happy belated birthday to Chloe's mah mah. Nice dress Chloe wearing.

  5. Nice celebration. Happy Birthday to you grandma. You look so sweet and pretty in the white dress.

  6. Tai Koo Ma likes the 'ice-cream' picture. So pretty and lovely. Can enlarge and frame it lor!!

  7. Happy birthday to your mah mah.

  8. happy belated b'day to mah mah.

  9. Happy Belated Bday to your Mah Mah. Chloe, dont hunch your back leh....later not nice liao

  10. The hotel also gave complimentary cake, so good. I like Chloe's outfit, so pretty.

  11. Chloe looks so pretty in the white dress..


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