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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Saturday

It is Saturday today and both mummy and I were "grounded" because daddy had to go to work. Mummy decided to just stay at home with me. We did arts and crafts in the morning... haven't been doing this on a regular basis (supposed to be every Friday) because we usually go grocery-shopping on Friday afternoons.

Well, we did something "nutty" today. During Chinese New Year, we ate a lot of nuts. Mummy kept some of the shells for this purpose...

Small and big peanut shells and pistachio shells

Gluing the nutshells onto the drawing block with UHU glue was quite tricky so mummy did most of it for me.

There... done! Can you figure out what they are?

I just did most of the painting, with a bit of help from mummy (she did some touching-up)...

Painting the clouds... (large Shangdong peanut shells)

Painting the flowers... (pistachio shells)

Done! Nice or not? Hehehehe...

The final product, after some enhancement work using a marker pen

Ladybird, bumblebee, rainbow caterpillar (entirely my idea) and flowers...

Later in the day, Koo-koo came over for a baking session with mummy. They made egg tarts. It was their very first attempt and the tarts turned out quite well...

Egg tart garnished with kiwiberry and grapes

Mmmmm.... yummylicious!

When I was younger, I never liked the custard and ate only the crust whenever I had egg tarts. I even told Koo-koo "Last time I only eat the yellow part. Now, I eat everything" :) I greedily gobbled one and asked for a second piece. As expected, I couldn't finish it and left the remaining quarter for mummy.


  1. Nice piece of artwork. Love the little bumble bee!

  2. Very nice art work!! The colorful caterpillar is just too cute!!

    Alamak, all my peanuts fr CNY gave to the guard house abangs!!
    We still have some CNy pistachio and almond ( with nuts ) yet to finish.. I am going to do this art with the kiddos! Yan Yan has been asking for painting time. SHe wants to do some hand prints painting actually. I bet she will like this one more.

  3. Wow! So creative! Never know the nut shells can be used this way~

  4. NICE nice nice nice nice... very nice... I like the 3D effect. Something new to me which I shall do it with my girls one day.

    The egg tart looks yummy... though I am not a fan of egg tart myself... :)

  5. Very nice artwork. :) I never thought of using the nutts' shells. The egg tart looks so yummy.

  6. i used to do that too when i was young

  7. nice nice NICE!!!!! Bravo Chloe!

  8. Wow! I like to see Chloe's arts and steal the ideas for my kids. They are so simple and yet very creative. I've never thought of keeping the nuts' shells. and use it for this purpose!!

    p/s: in your previous art, my girl enjoys the egg carton art - the caterpillar, especially.

    Thanks for sharing, Chloe. And, more please...

  9. Oh very nice and beautiful art she made. I love the ladybird, bumblebee and rainbow caterpillar most. Mommy is so creative.

  10. wow, so creative!! what a nice craft time with mommy :)

  11. Nice pieces of art, I love especially those little critters! How imaginative little Chloe is, proud of her!

    Lovely egg tart, congratz for able to finish the whole tart, it must be really delicious!

  12. Wow..i like the piece of art work..sooooo nice especially the cute.

  13. very creative oo.....however at the end of day, both mummy and daughter enjoyed it. what a heartwarming way to enjoy the weekend! :P

  14. That's a creative piece of art. Time to collect those nut shells. haha

  15. This is a very nice piece of artwork, yes, I am going to keep all the nut shells from now on. Thanks for sharing. By the way, the egg tart looks yummy too.

  16. Creative idea... I like ur art work so much!

  17. this is such a beautiful craft!! where did u get this idea from?

  18. Thanks for sharing this idea in your blog...
    My son enjoy his time making his own groundnuts art work..


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