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Saturday, May 29, 2010

From Picnic to Poolside Party

It was supposed to be Part II of a very fun family picnic at the Bukit Jalil park. However, it was raining cats and dogs at the time when the picnic was planned so Aunty Moon had it "relocated" to the poolside of a family member's condo. It turned out to be a better place because we could stay on and linger a while longer, even after the sky has turned dark.

Blowing bubbles at the poolside (the rain stopped soon after our arrival here)

The picnic goodies were spread out on one of the tables in the poolside cafeteria. There were a pot of delicious and flavourful chicken curry cooked by Uncle J, famous Kajang satay with nasi impit, Seremban siew pau and fruits. I tried a bit of everything except the chicken curry, which was too spicy for me.

My very first taste of satay

After dinner, while the daddies chatted among themselves and the mummies did the same in another group, we, the kids had fun playing, running around, chasing each other, blowing more bubbles etc. It was quite a noisy but happy gathering.

Pai-pai chor (sitting in a row). From left to right: Gwen, Yan Yan, Terry, Heng Heng and me. It was my first time meeting Gwen and Terry.

Run, run, run...

I was sweating so much, I looked as though someone had just poured a jug of water on me!

Finally... *exhausted* *wipe sweat* Better sit down and take a rest first

A Disney Princesses stationery set, a pair of Hello Kitty hair clips and some Hershey's Kisses

At the end of the party, Aunty YL (Gwen's mummy) gave me a very nice gift pack. Thank you very much, Aunty YL! I immediately helped myself to the goodies in it while mummy was too busy to entertain me. When she came to check on me, I had already popped a chocolate into my mouth and was caught struggling to sharpen the pencil hahaha!


  1. what a lovely gathering. i like chloe's pressie :D

  2. You are welcome. :) Gwen is Chloe's No.1 fan. She likes to watch Chloe sings. ^_^

    Nice to meet you and your mummy and daddy. Next time must use belt already so your pants won't fall anymore..keke.

  3. wow....blogger meet up again. So fun.

  4. yah .. nice gathering, nice goodies bags also ..:P

  5. how the Pai Pai chor pic.

  6. What an awesome picnic and gathering!

  7. ah so nice. too bad i missed out this wan. sob sob ;(

  8. Oh dear, that's a wonderful gathering for kiddo! Mummy Gwen is so kind to prepare some gift for the kids, glad to see they are had good time!

    Have a nice day!

  9. Nice meeting up all of you for the 1st time...and the kids sure have fun and so do we...Chloe is such a good girl.

  10. haha nice meeting up and the kids have so much fun in the party.

  11. Wow..get to meet Gwen and others too..that's fun

  12. Yeah, we all mami had a great time, dadi too, and all the little ones... Your Seremban Siao Pao is very yummy..

  13. poolside party seems fun and safer too for the kids.

  14. when kids gathering - it is really fun.

    when mummy gathering - i guess is time to gossip gua hahaha


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