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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Little Sprouts

Every now and then, I'd bring home a little something from school, usually some handicrafts. Today, I brought some "babies" home...

It was planted last week on 6/5. In just 7 days, the little sprouts have grown quite a bit. Mummy doesn't remember learning Science when she was in pre-school. Well, neither did I. From this project, I've probably picked up something else instead... comparison, maybe. Comparison as in "so & so's is the tallest", "so & so's is not as tall as so & so's", "so & so got more than mine", "so & so's is the nicest" etc.

When mummy asked me "well, whose is the most not nice, then?" Very quickly, I responded "Mine lah".

*sob sob* Little sprouts must be very heart-broken to hear that


  1. haha so cute right? Bryan came home to tell me that his teacher said his sprout was the shortest! hahahahaa

  2. She is a smart gal, comparison to her is easy peasy. Mummy got ask who is the tallest kid in class or not..haha. Must be Chloe lah.

  3. B&B's Mama: Oh, Bryan brought the same thing home too? I'm quite surprised that their lessons are so well-synchronized. The teachers must have been strictly following the lesson plans.

    Mummy Gwen: Haha! That one no need to ask cos mummy already knows the answer ;) She IS the tallest, although she's not the oldest in class.

  4. LOL... your headline really caught my attention!

    Well, atleast Chloe can relate to some 'learning' with her science project, good job!

    Happy weekend to you!

  5. cute.i remember this project when i was in primary school :D

  6. Makes me thinks of Ngah Choy Chicken....cham liao...Auntie kucing only tau how to eat and eat and eat

  7. They find it excited to see the sprout grow taller and taller .... I still remember I only plant this in primary school.

  8. Great project from school. I didn't see any science project my girl carry in school.

  9. LOL. another mirror mirror on the wall questions.

    Chloe's kindy are so well organized with so many special activities. A good exposure to her. They make the $$$ paid worthwhile. hehe

  10. we used to do this when we were kids too. mebe shud main2 a bit with krys growing some taugeh :)


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