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Friday, September 25, 2009

Look-Out Point

(Backdated post for 13 Sept 2009)

It is daddy's birthday today. We, the whole family, including Yeh-yeh, Mah-mah, Koo Ma, Koo Koo, Koo-Jeong and Hayley jie-jie, went for dinner together at the Look Out Point in Ampang/Hulu Langat.

After quite a long journey from home, we were greeted by nice, cool weather on this little hill. As it was a rainy day, it was quite windy and chilly too.

Walking to the restaurant with Yeh-yeh and Hayley jie-jie

My funny way of sitting

Making funny faces again... see my cheeky look

It's daddy's birthday but I received a present instead

The view of the city, taken with our basic, low-end camera.

Dinner (most of us had western meals) was good and since almost everyone in the family got together, it was a very happy outing. What a fun and enjoyable trip!

(The clearer pics are courtesy of Koo-koo)


  1. I guess I must explore this place since many ppl said it's good! Wow, the first pix like a strong midst there?!

    Anyway, can I add u in my blogroll? Happy Weekend!

  2. very nicely taken pic, so not low-end camera i think. hehehe...

    been there once with some frens for dinner. mebe i ought to pester hubs to bring us there!

  3. oh i have heard so much about this place but haven't visited before.'s nice when it's cooling eh?

  4. Eh..I never heard of this place at all! Where is it? How come so cold up there?

  5. I've read so much about this Ampang Look-Out Point. I must make a trip to this place one of these days. I like her pair of trainer chopsticks.

  6. Is this place also known as "Little Genting"? Nice weather.


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