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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Am I Doing?

There I go again... playing with another container. Eventhough this is an opaque one, I still find it a pleasure to put over my head so that I can do something private underneath haha...

Funny or not? What do you think I was doing?


  1. This little girl really like container a lot.. ha!

  2. u digging ur nose? lol.. u ask me to guess mah.. so i guess lor.. hahaha

  3. same thot here too! digging nose? hahahaha... merryn, maybe chloe sucking her finger? hmmm...

  4. hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. chloe is sooo cute... yes, vic attends JMC class at yamaha.

  5. hmmm...bitting fingernails??? Chloe, YX also like to do the same - putting a container over his head. He uses MIL's laundry basket!!

  6. Wrong, wrong, wrong haha! I don't know how to dig my nose (yet), I don't suck my fingers and I don't bite my fingernails either. Actually I wasn't doing anything. It was a split-second thing, when I put my hand in and it happened to be at that position when mummy snapped the photo ;-)


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