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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Language Confusion

Mummy has been diligently teaching me BM lately. While trying to show-off to Ah Ma how good my BM was...

Mummy: *pointed to her head*
Me: kepala
Mummy: Yes! *ruffled her hair*
Me: rambut
Mummy: Correct! *pointed to her ear*
Me: telinga
Mummy: That's right! *pointed to her nose*
Me: hidung
Mummy: Good! *pointed to her cheek*
Me: pipi
Mummy: Clever girl!


It went on and I continued to name all the parts correctly until it came to tangan, when mummy waved her hands at me to signal "hand". This was what I said...

Me: shou (that's Mandarin)


  1. So clever ! This must also the effort of your great mummy. Keep it up ! This is extremely good as when you are in Std 1, wah lau wei !! No sweat lar !!

  2. Wow...Multi-langual now. Thumbs up to Chloe.


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