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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blueberry Bao

We were having tea at a nearby coffeeshop and Gung-gung had ordered some bao to go with the drinks. I tried both the tau-sar (red bean paste) and kaya bao.

When asked which was nicer, I said "the blueberry one" while pointing to the tau-sar bao. Haha!

Blueberry bao, anyone? Hehe!


  1. Chloe vocab is very good. At age 3, she knows a lot of words. Good for her! And mummy is a good teacher.

  2. hahahahhaa... i wan blueberry bao too :)

  3. Gwen likes tau sar bao too...hehe..or is it blueberry bao..hehe.


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