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Monday, April 26, 2010

I AM Allowed to Eat Chocolates...

Waaaaaah! Chocolate!!

This is even better than holding a block of gold bar!

What's so special about me eating a KitKat, one might wonder. Well, this is no ordinary chocolate. Firstly, it was specially delivered to our home...

... albeit Dijamin Sampai 4 Hari Kemudian (Yes, it arrived 4 days later!)

Secondly, look at the special ingredients...

So special one, how not to eat it?

The chocolate is part of the birth announcement gifts sent by Auntie Ivy...

It came with a fridge magnet as well. Very creative indeed.

Auntie Ivy seemed a bit concerned that mummy would confiscate the KitKat from me. Therefore, here's the evidence that the chocolate didn't end up entirely in mummy's tummy...

Mummy might be quite a health-freak, but I AM allowed to eat chocolates :-)

Thank you for the lovely gifts, Auntie Ivy! Happy Fullmoon to baby Iyson today!


  1. Wouh...hepi got chocolate to eat.

  2. That's a vy special gift pack. Wah, our Pos M'sia VERY reliable hor. :p

  3. wow, so envy u, can eat chocs, mummy only allowed me to see while she prepared and nvr let me eat a single pc of that kit kat...sob..sob..

  4. Wah~!! Your Auntie Ivy is sure generous, and very creative as well! Please enjoy your Kitkat, lol!

  5. have a break.. have a kit kat!
    My favourite... haha

  6. hahaha, ur mummy normally will sapu your chocolate but not this round lor!

  7. Wow...chocolate sent through mail. How exciting for Chloe to discover it. Msia is quite reliable, for u to get the chocolate in perfect condition.

  8. hehehhehe.. ethan have not tasted his first chocolate too! but MILO.. everyday :D

    nice not the chocolate? travelled all the way dy.. :)

  9. very special deliver.

    this is first time, i see people deliver kit kat like this.

    i guess the kit kat should be very sweet.

    er.. why uncle not received any... i like eat kit kat as well.

    never la.. uncle sudah tua.. takut diabetes...

  10. That's so special and creative. Lucky girl gets to eat chocolates hehe. Yummy right? :D

  11. So special on this delivery, announcement of birth with Kit Kat...mummy is ok la...1 single bar only...and make sure brush teeth after eat..

  12. The delivery is so special ! Eat them once a while still ok la. Chocolates are good for health in a way too. haha...

  13. Very nice gift indeed! Xixi also hardly got my approval to eat chocolate. haha..

  14. Oh! This is creative birth announcement :)

  15. How come yours is still in good condition. Mine started to melt and kemek loh haha

  16. Lemonjude: She ate 2 fingers, then quickly went to brush teeth haha... biasa la ;-)

    Vicky: Good condition meh? Maybe the Pos Malaysia ppl kept in the storeroom gua... that's why so late haha. It melted a bit, cannot see the word KitKat on the choc but overall still ok lah. After receiving, I quickly put it in the fridge.


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