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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mouldy Bread

The homemade bread that mummy bakes can barely remain fresh beyond 3 days. On the fourth day, the chances of it becoming mouldy is very high.

This particular wholemeal loaf turned mouldy prematurely because mummy suspected that it wasn't properly cooled before storage. Not willing to see it (nearly half a loaf!) go to waste, she scraped off the fungi, sealed it in a bag and tossed it into the freezer.

Poor bread...

We brought the frozen bread all the way back to Seremban today. In the evening, we made a trip to City Park to feed the fishes....

Let's go feed the fish...

Here you go fishies... enjoy your meal. Hope you will not get tummy-aches, or worse, DIE *gasp*

After feeding the fishes, we went to an open area to play frisbee. I didn't quite know how how to play it and kept tossing it upwards haha!

Playing frisbee with Gung-gung... can you spot the frisbee?


  1. Just put it in the freezer the amount that you can not finished by the next morning. Then you can slowly take your time to eat toast bread.

    Nice outdoor outing... :)

  2. Mommy so "rajin", scrapped the bread before store it... I normally just chuck the whole thing into the freezer(paiseh liao...)! >o<

    Have a nice day!

  3. We usually cannot finish 1 loaf of bread before it expires... am thinking will I poison the fish if I were to feed them with mouldy bread...:D

  4. Just imagine how much preservative they put into store-bought bread *shake head*

    Try storing the bread in an airtight container, placed in the fridge... think it'll last longer :-).

  5. i dont think the fish will die kua. *yikes* the sban parks seems nicer than bkt jalil park le. hmmm...

  6. Good idea. No wastage. :) should put the bread in the freezer before they expired.

  7. The fishes 'chap dou' loh. They get to eat homemade wholemeal bread. ;)

  8. i am dam pity those fishes.

    i guess your mummy ask you to use damn expiry bread to feed fish. i feel sorry to those fish.

    i guess tmr... the fish either langsai or vomit or foating on the water surface - declare die ko ko

  9. good idea.. i normally just feed the expired bread to dustbin. what a waste!


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