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Monday, July 13, 2009

35 Months Old

I am 35 months old today. In just another month, I will be turning 3!

- Height: 99cm Weight: Apprx 16kg
- I can read words, phrases and simple sentences
- I know the directions home and can lead the way from the FAS field onwards (about 1km from home). Sometimes I'll say turn here (pointing to the road), sometimes I'll say turn left or turn right, and go through the tunnel.
- I can distinguish gender differences and associate things accordingly. E.g. When mummy puts on a boyish T-shirt for me, I'll tell her "This is for boys".


  1. Wow..she is very very tall. Oh..she knows alot of things smart.

  2. Yes, mummy gwen, it's in the genes. Both my daddy and mummy are very tall too :-)


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