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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kiddy Spa

I think it's pretty obvious that mummy misses my baby days. When she took out the bath tub that has been in storage for nearly 2 years, she just couldn't help feeling nostalgic over the good old days.

Today, I became a baby all over again... when mummy gave me a baby bubble bath. I was asked to relax and be happy cos it was supposed to be a special "spa" for me haha.

Mummy gave me a thorough but gentle body scrub (with a wash-cloth) plus a light and ticklish massage hehehe. I loved it very, very much! Can we do this more often, mummy?


  1. Hahahaha .... I think you didn't fit into that small bath tub already :) I am sure you will be more enjoy with a bigger tub, won't you? Oh .... how fast they grow ya ......

  2. hehe... why mummy so cute wan. hahaha!


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