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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obsessed With Colours

Mummy is very particular about what I eat. Besides making sure that my meals are healthy and balanced, she always ensures that the fruits and veggies that I eat everyday consist of at least 3 colours. Sometimes (usually, at the beginning of the week when the fridge is still very well-stocked), I get up to 6 colours a day! The 6 colours are green, red, orange, yellow, purple and white.

Mummy never fails to prepare these fruit and veggie platters to go with my meals if they happen to be veggie-less:

Cucumber, carrot, orange, strawberry and grapes

Zucchini, cherry tomato, corn, banana and dragon fruit

Carrot, blueberry, kiwi fruit, apple, strawberry and cherry tomato

Steamed baby asparagus, carrot, turnip, cherry tomato, dragon fruit

Steamed broccoli, capsicum, blueberry, golden kiwi, cherry tomato and avocado with honey

Even the sweet potatoes are tri-coloured :-)

It's a good thing that I love eating fruits and veggies. Raw carrot stick is my all-time favourite


  1. for a meal...that's a lot le.. referring to 1 plate of fruits/veg... chloe can finish all???

  2. Haha of course I can't finish all! The serving shown is to be shared with mummy. And she usually serves it 1 hour before or 1 hour after meal so that I can eat more :-)

  3. Oh ....that's a very healthy meal with the mixture of all the colours :) I like it and how I wish my Angel would have such healthy diets too ..... but too bad she refused to take any raw carrots if it's presented with other food :( Chloe is such a good girl and keep up the good work, I think such healthy meal is very good for growing kids and also helps a lot in thier vitamins intake and bowelmoments :) Simply great!!!

  4. I love those tri coloured sweet potatoes! Yummy!

  5. chloe mei mei, u so pannai woh.. of all the fruits and veges that ur mummy prepared for u, i ONLY eat banana and apple... the rest so yucks..

  6. the colour combination looks nice!!! yummy!

  7. Wow...colourful and healthy!!!! If only my son willing to eat veg ;-(

  8. wow. this young lady really sek for hah. all healthy fruits. how i wish krys wud eat like chloe :)

  9. Wow!! Your mommy is so nice to prepare such nice healthy food for you and you enjoy eating them. Good girl!

  10. Wah! Really healthy eating! I don't think my son can manage all that. My son will just eat a little bit, then don't want to eat already!


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