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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Are You So Lazy?

What's wrong with her? I did ask properly and politely but.... Well, just read on.

Hi mummy, can you please read this to me?

Read to me, please...

Please... pleeeeeeaaaaase....

When mummy still refused to entertain me, I frowned and chided her "WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY???"

Mummy's reply: I'm so sorry, dear. Yes, you are right. Mummy is so lazy. The problem is, you have way too many books and mummy is just too exhausted (from reading them). Mummy is glad that you like books but once in a while, do let mummy rest ok. It is also high time that you learn to read on your own so please pay more attention whenever we are looking at the words. Don't always look at the pictures only, ok!


  1. She's only 2 years 11 months leh.. How is she suppose to read the whole book herself? LOL.. so pityful I see the sequence pics.. the last pics looks so kesian ody.. this mommy nih..

  2. Give mommy some time to rest ok ^_^

  3. Haha...I laugh when I saw the photos. Mummy, please read to her la! Poor thing.


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