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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The DREADED Flu - My 1st

For the very first time in my almost 19 months of life, I caught a cold. I've had fever and stomach upset before but those were considered minor ailments that didn't bother me much. This flu, however, turned out to be a horrendous "suffering" that no mother and child shall ever have to go through at all.

Day 1
It started in the morning when I woke up with my face smeared with dried mucus. Since mummy had no experience in handling a sick child and I had no idea what a flu felt like, we just "give and take". When I cried, she comforted me. When I wanted something, she gave it to me. I kept sniffling, rubbing and smearing mucus all over my face. I even licked and ate it when it trickled down my upper lip. Yummy! I didn't know how to blow it out when mummy placed a tissue on my nose and asked me to "hmmmmph".

Crying and rubbing my nose

Day 2
On the second day, my condition seemed to have worsened. I was so uncomfortable and cranky that I cried non-stop from morning to night. I cried when mummy played with me. I cried when mummy "abandoned" me to cook or do her work. I cried when mummy carried me or sayang me. I cried when I was hungry. I cried after taking my meals. I cried in my sleep/nap. I cried when I watched tv. I just cried and cried and cried, only to stop for 5-minute breaks every now and then. While the flu drove me crazy, I drove mummy even crazier. It was an awfully miserable and frustrating day for the both of us.

Rubbed my face so hard until it was red and swollen and cried until mata bengkak

Day 3
And the crying continued.... it went on and on and on... SIGH. None of us slept well last night. When I woke up at 6.30am, I was STILL sobbing with puffy eyes, mucus-y face and all. Mummy figured I was better off with Mah-mah so without any hesitance, she packed my stuff and bade me good (temporary) riddance! Besides "no eye see" me, I think she also "no ear listen", "no heart feel" and "no brain think" anymore.

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  1. Adui.... kesian both mumsie n dotsie.
    BB got go see doctor or not? Mummy pls take care of yourself oso n preservere ho... Next day, Auntie BS will come to u for advise leh...


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