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Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Getaway @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie

We went for another hotel stay last Saturday. It was somewhere very near home. Near home as in, well, let's just put it this way: Mummy wanted to take a photo of me when the welcome drinks were served. It was then that she realized the camera was left at home. Luckily her handphone was with her (she leaves this at home even more frequently!)

Refreshing juice and cold towels (photo taken with mummy's handphone)

The lobby and Cafe Terrace (also taken with mummy's handphone)

So apa lagi, we took a short drive home to get our camera :) Okay, back to the hotel room, there was a small glitch in the hotel's reservation system. After quite a long wait to check in, we were given a room upgrade to Executive Club :)

Our room number... not a very auspicious number for the superstitious Chinese hehe but we aren't superstitious, so no big deal for us :p

The room was very pleasant, comfortable and clean, clean as in dust-free (mummy's sensitive nose could tell if a room is dust-free or not)
The pillows came in "soft" and "firm" (two each) 

The view from our room... a golf course. Nice!

When can we go swimming???? *sulk*

The view of the swimming pool from the entrance of our room

Wow, the whole pool to ourselves? Unfortunately, barely 2 minutes after getting into the pool, we felt raindrops on our heads... and soon, it was pouring! 

Stranded in the little hut... we listened to the rhythm of the rain and waited patiently for it to stop...

... and it did! About 20 minutes later, it was clear blue skies all the way :)


Come and join in the fun, mummy! But no, mummy was too engrossed in this page-turner (book) hehe...

The pool is all "ours"... yay!!

Dinner at Kites Restaurant. This was our third time dining here (using our complimentary vouchers for 2 adults). They did not charge me this time. When we dined here the second time, the restaurant insisted that daddy paid the child fare for me (children above 5 years old were chargeable)... such inconsistent regulations. Hmph!

The food here was so-so only... yet daddy and mummy spent hours eating and enjoying themselves! 

When I got bored and restless, mummy bribed me with marshmallows to keep me quiet hehe :p

The bribing didn't last long. After a few minutes, I went over to her and whispered in her ears "Hurry up, mummy. I need to go to the toilet!" (for my big biz)! Of course, they quickly took their last bite and left in a hurry hahaha!

Let me tell you a secret, mummy... I need to "go"!

What about my "hotel homeworks"? Well, of course, I read my books and did my homework as diligently as usual...

This was the sight that daddy and mummy woke up to the next morning... I was quietly doing my homework (workbooks brought from home) after waking up earlier than them :)


  1. I love the Adeline Yeh Mah's Falling Leaves book too. also do homework guai.

    Nice new glasses

  2. gosh.. holiday also need to bring school books along? so disciplined!!

  3. Smallkucing: Wow, your eyes are really sharp! Yes, it is Adeline Yen Mah's book "Chinese Cinderella", not Falling Leaves. Read FL long ago. This Chinese Cinderella is equally good and moving. Finished reading it cover to cover within a day ;)

    Reanaclaire: No lah, those are not school books... just some work books that she enjoys doing :)

  4. Chloe is so kuai and well behaved..wake up early in the morning and do her exercise book. Big gal d.

  5. Wah... the whole pool to yourself!! :) Such a good girl, not waking your parents up the next morning...

  6. nice hotel...the food looks not bad.

  7. Pool is always children's favourite place during hotel stay. And my all time favourite place is the cafe... complimentary buffet meal, to be exact :p

    I wonder why kids (yours and mine) love to wake up earlier than their parents and do their homework? I guess mine loves hearing compliments such as, "Wah, good girl, does her writing without having to yell at her", kekeke~

  8. The upgrade to the Exec Lounge makes the wait worth it eh? :)

    I'm so impressed with her doing her homework. Even more impressed that she did it quietly without waking you guys up!

  9. Chloe looks cute in her new pink spec. She is definitely a very good who had the initiative to do her workbook without being told.

  10. The hotel looks really good. Gwen will look for my iPhone or tablet when she wakes way that she will do her homework willingly.

    Chloe is such a good girl. I'm so envy..hehe.

  11. Got lollipop or not? Ethan still keeps his two lollipops as he said we can't eat them as they'll make our teeth cabut! :P

    I'm going back there tonight for their Xmas buffet!

  12. Chloe is such a good girl. Doing homework on her own!

    The swimming ring (crab shaped) is very cute.


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