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Saturday, June 7, 2008

My 1st Time-out

I served my first time-out today for being naughty. Daddy had repeatedly warned me not to do something but I chose to ignore him. Daddy sounded really angry when he led me to the corner and said "Stand here and hold your ears". I was so scared, I complied without making a sound.

However, luck was on my side. In less than 2 minutes (just enough time for mummy to grab the camera and capture this shot), the doorbell rang. It was Gung-gung, Ah Ma, Yee Ma and Ah Foo to the rescue! Of course, I tried to gain their sympathies by putting on a really pathetic look. It worked. Soon, I heard them muttering words like "kesian", "aiyo... so cham", "so pitiful" etc. and in no time, I was scooped into Ah Ma's loving arms. Phew! I was indeed saved by the bell.

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  1. haha notty corner for her. I never ask my gal hold her ears while standing at the corner.


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