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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flashback 1 - The Conception

I “won the race” somewhere around mid-November 2005. It was an amazing race that led me to where I am now.

On a fine morning of 8th Dec 2005, mummy decided that this was the day! She eagerly took out her pregnancy kit (sponsored by Auntie Shellie who had a spare and had temporarily “closed shop”) and did something to it. In mere seconds, she froze in shock. And while she kept telling herself to be calm and to believe what she saw, this simple task proved to be extremely difficult. Daddy fared just as badly. He kept repeating “Are you sure? Is this reliable?” like a broken record.

After 5 long years of hope and disappointment, hope and disappointment, disappointment, disappointment and nothing but disappointment, it is not surprising to see a couple go berserk upon spotting one extra line on such an apparatus:

On that very morning, Daddy was so disorientated that he brushed his teeth twice before leaving for work while mummy ponteng work (emergency leave, kononnya) to spend the day at "baby fantasyland". Whether or not you are prepared…mummy, daddy… here I come!


  1. Interesting details... very well written :). BTW, in your current photo on your sidebar, you look very much like your paternal grandfather :).


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