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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Lesson For Daddy

About three weeks ago, I was caught digging into daddy's wallet. Then I heard mummy telling daddy "Everything's intact. You're lucky that she did not go on a tearing spree." However, daddy did not get the message and continued to keep his wallet in the same place, which was easily within the reach of my itchy hands.

Last weekend, Oops... I did it again. And this was what happened:

This time, mummy said to daddy "You are still lucky. Only one piece is "victimised" and instead of finding just shredded bits, this is nicely torn and easily cellophane tape-able." They immediately "repaired" the note and used it on the very same morning. Hahaha...


  1. Ya daddy is lucky the note able to use back haha.

  2. Yeah... and I only target the rm50. The rm1, rm5 and rm10 don't look good enough for me heh heh heh...

  3. My toddler likes to play with his dad's wallet too. Ended up my husband couldn't use his credit card later because the magnetic strip is spoiled. Now, he gives him the wallet after removing the credit cards... and money!


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