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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Saturday

We had a very long, hectic, fun-filled and tiring day today. We were out the whole day for more than 13 hours! Our day started with breakfast at Citta Mall, a new neighbourhood mall just a stone's throw away from home. This was our 3rd visit there.

Some fun facts and pictures of famous landmarks plastered all around the mall

Yay, I love this! We had breakfast at Subway, our favourite sandwich deli

After breakfast, I did some kiddy activities which I wanted to do the last time we were here but it was already too late at night. Today, we were the earliest and I was the first kid to register for all the following activities...

I did a piece of sand art for FREE... (I'm getting quite good at this)

I also painted a large sun-catcher key-chain for FREE...

... and got a cartoon character painted on my hand for FREE too. I chose Tweety Bird, which later morphed into the yellow Angry Bird after some of the yellow paint came off ;)

There were FREE popcorn and cotton candy too but I did not go for them because I wasn't interested at all. I did get one on our last visit here and it ended up in the bin...

Posing happily with my cotton candy only to dispose it later on (pic taken 2 weeks ago)

From Citta Mall, we went to The Curve/IPC/Tesco. We had some junkfood here (McD) because I wanted to collect these My Little Pony toys...

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie from McD's Happy Meal

Later in the evening, we left for Shah Alam to attend a Japanese festival called Bon Odori. Koo-koo came with us too. This was the first time I attended such a crowded and merry event.

We arrived early at 5:30pm... the field was still quite empty

The food bazaar, on the other hand, was teeming with people...

Some of the stalls had mile-long queues, like this one behind me

We bought some Bento sets, sushis, buns and Yakult and had "dinner" at the stadium. We made a mistake of not "booking" our seats earlier so we had to stand at the back because all the seats had already been taken up.

I danced, cheered and did a lot of funny movements

The crowd

A performance

We joined the dance towards the end, just before leaving

We even went for supper before going home. It was very late when we finally reached home *Super TIRED* We brought home 4 hand-fans as souvenir...

The last time daddy and mummy attended this event was 6 years ago in 2005 (when I was not even conceived yet hehe...)


  1. Wow, that is a really busy day. I've heard so much about Bon Odori but haven't been to one before. So interesting!!!

  2. Bon Odori is fun ya... I used to go annually with VIP pass coz my parents work in Jap firm... after they retired, not been there again.. :(

  3. what a fun day ^^ Pretty little girl too! Where is Citta Mall ya? seems so fun for children ^^ Didn't manage go to bon odori, glad you had fun ^^

  4. aiks...we were at Citta Mall and bon odori too wor..kekeke...Tarak "yuen" so tarak meet

  5. I went to Citta mall twice. sat and Sun..just because of the free pop-corn. P didnt want to do those free stuff. and Wondermilk...I like the small cafe there. Will go there more often for food, free parking...

  6. Look like the Bon Odori is an interesting event to attend. May I know do they organise this every year? and how do you get to know this event? I hope to experience the occasion too one day.

  7. MTC: It's an annual event so can mark your calendar for next year ;)

    Cynthia: I was wondering who those VIP seats were for and now I know :) Bring Breanna there la, next year.

    Beii: Citta Mall is in Ara Damansara, somewhere along the old Subang airport road. The free activities are in conjunction with their new opening... until month end only, I think.

    Smallkucing: I saw your Bon Odori pics in FB but I didn't know you were in Citta Mall too. Aiya, really "mou yuen" lor...

    LittleLamb: P and C are just the opposites... what she liked, he no like and vice versa haha. Would like to try Wondermilk one day and go more often before they start charging for parking haha!

    Shenny's mommy: Ya, Bon Odori is an annual event. It's held in the Panasonic Sports Complex in Shah Alam. You can google for more information if you are interested and start making plans for next year :) I think it's held around this time of the year too.

  8. At first I thought your family of 3 spent the Saturday in Paris! I know that they have the Bon Odori in PG and JB too but I've never attended one before. Now I know how gay and lively the festival is, from your pics.

  9. Very happening weekend. Heard so much about Bon Odori but never attend once also.

  10. Wow, so many fre stuff up for grabs at Citta mall, we should pay a visit too, lol!

    Happy to see Chloe enjoyed her Bonodori feast so much, we miss it this year!:)

  11. Wow~ what an eventful day! No wonder Chloe was super tired, from morning till night - non-stop activities were lining up.

    I haven't been to bonodori festival *envy* Would love to visit it one day.

  12. What an eventful day for Chloe. I can see that she was overjoyed.

  13. I didn't even no there's this yearly event called Bon Odori. *paiseh* Hey, Gwen is crazy over the little ponies too but too bad we are not in KL...but managed to get Twilight Sparkle for her few days b4 we leave KL. Gwen is eyeing on Cheerilee and Rainbow Dash. I'll ask my sis to grab some Happy Meals..hehe.

    What a fun filled day Chloe had. Feel so bad I always don't allow Gwen to do sand art and sun cathcer. :(

  14. I went to Bon Odori with my hub for a few times ( before kahwin lah) After kahwin.. no more plan dy , haha. Maybe can bring the kids go next year :)

  15. the japanese event looks kind of interesting. Never knew about it.


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