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Friday, July 15, 2011


Mummy, a health-freak wannabe, loves cooking all sorts of weird, entah apa-apa and supposedly healthy dishes for us. Poor daddy and I have to (literally) stomach her crappy dishes ever so frequently. One of the regulars on our menu is beetroot. I like beetroot soup and juice but I've never liked eating the beet.

Yesterday, mummy made fish-paste wantan, one of my favourite food. She paired the wantan with beetroot and carrot soup (boiled with homemade fish stock). She cut the beetroot into bite-size cubes and encouraged me to try one. To convince me further, she told me "it tastes just like potato..." (what a silly comparison, all because I love potatoes haha). After a while...

Me: Mummy, I tried the beetroot already and I actually LIKE it :)
Mummy: Good girl!
Me: But it doesn't taste like potato at all...
Mummy: Then, what does it taste like?
Me: Beetroot lah!

And that's how I started liking beetroot :)

The yum-yuck wantan beetroot carrot soup... doesn't look very appealing but I ate it all up!


  1. still look so creative to me :P
    your own homemade fish paste wantan?

  2. Beet root is very nutritious veggie. Pumpkin is another good source to boil soup.

  3. Chloe is so adventurous :O She doesn't mind the purplish-red soup? Full of carotene :D

  4. good girl Chloe. I don't think Ashley is gonna like beetroot.

  5. The beetroot full of beta carotene. Cook still okay but if fresh juice it taste weird haha. My kids refuse that wor.

  6. I never try cooking beetroot b4... Maybe I should try...

  7. Beetroot very good leh

    Btw, just pp by Citta mall...wah...a lot of food outlet coming up

  8. I heard about beetroot through Yan, heard its good!

  9. YUM, I love beetroot, had a lot during my pregnancy but too bad, my kids and husband don't like it at all!

  10. I only use Beetroot to boil soup. Chloe is so gwai...she always finishes her food.

  11. Healthy stuff, so red and bright, full of antioxidants :) I love to make beet root soup too.

  12. Chloe's such a good girl for trying yucky-looking nutritious food. :)


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