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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mummy's Birthday

It is mummy's birthday today. Many of you asked mummy "So which hotel are you all checking-in today?" Hahaha! Well, we may be crazy over hotel stays but for mummy's big day today, daddy was told to reserve his annual leaves for our few upcoming holidays this year.

Today was just like any other ordinary day. On the way out to fetch me back from school, Koo-koo gave mummy a tray of lovely surprises...

Chocolate cupcakes, home-baked by Koo-koo!

I had one immediately after my bath. It was yuuummmmmmy!

Daddy came home early from work and brought us to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Since it was still a little early, we window-shopped a bit. As usual, I had my "compulsory" kiddy-rides and "toy-testing"session in Parkson.

I was hooked to this V-tech video game and refused to leave! (until I was threatened)

Dinner was at Tony Roma's. Daddy and mummy ordered just two items and the rest were FREE! They later realized that more freebies were coming their way...

While waiting for our orders, I played a game of Snakes and Ladders with daddy.

After some time, I could not sit still...

The 2 contrasting sides of me... samseng girl and lovey-dovey girl... I kept hugging and kissing mummy all over while wishing her Happy Birthday :)

Here are what we ate. Daddy settled for something simple because he had a heavy buffet lunch.

Chicken Swiss Sandwich

Mummy does not eat meat and deep-fried food, so she ordered this...

Pan-seared cod fish with black sesame, yellow rice and broccoli

Below is my FREE 3-course kiddy meal. This was my 2nd free kiddy meal here. The portion was very substantial and I could eat only half of it.

Freebie 1 - Appetizer: Carrot and celery sticks with Ranch dressing

Freebie 2: Main course - Fish and Chips (the serving was really HUGE, enough for even an adult!)

As usual, mummy flattened my fries (squeezed out the excess oil) and stripped the fried batter off my fish! I still loved them anyway, as long as they were dipped in tomato sauce :)

Freebie 3: Dessert - Vanilla ice-cream with crushed Oreo cookies

Freebie 4 - Birthday Lava for the birthday girl (had to show I.C as proof)

After dinner, mummy went to claim her last freebie of the day. We sat down for a drink and I enjoyed watching people ice-skating below...

Freebie 5 - Berrylicious from JuiceWorks (mummy is a member of their loyalty card)

Before going home, daddy drove us along the brightly-lit boulevards of Sunway Resort (we also came here last Christmas). The beautiful and colourful CNY decorative lights were still around...

The beautiful arch... too bad the photo was partially taken (from a moving car)

Oh yes, daddy also came home with a cake from Holiday Inn Glenmarie, when he dined there this afternoon.

Freebie 6 - Cake from a hotel (it is still sitting in the fridge!)

And finally, mummy bought two tops for me, also considered free, because it was bought using the Parkson vouchers that someone gave to her...

Freebie 7 - I'm The Wise One (Pumpkin Patch) and Cute Chicks Rule! (Seed)

Yeah, it's mummy's birthday and I get presents instead... and right after CNY too :P


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!! Sounds like HEAPS of fun!

  2. what a wonderful birthday! so so so soooooooooo nice! eeeeeeeek i like, my kind of birthday!

  3. Nice celebration with your love one. Haha so many freebies and save a lot too :)

  4. Happy belated birthday Mummy Chloe!
    Looks like a memorable one!

  5. Happy belated birthday to mummy Chloe! Mummy got the dinner+cake and Chloe got the freebies! Sounds like everyone's birthday, kekeke!

  6. Happy B'day !!! Freebies aside, spending your b'day with hubby and Chloe is the best gift already, ya.

  7. Yumm...i bet the cake must be good.

    Happy Birthday to mommy Chloe.

  8. How to get those freebies for kids? I brought Sam for dinner there but didnt get any freebies O.O

  9. Happy Belated birthday!! I finally get to see a photo of you ;) Chloe is so sweet to keep hugging and kissing you for your birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Mommy! Ethan oso hooked on that game in malls..

  11. like this also call normal ordinary day meh, so many freebies, n hav nice meal... happy bday chloe mummy. 222 very easy to remember ler.

  12. Woo hoo~! So many freebies, which one mommy loves most?! ;D Auntie likes especially the Birthday Lava, it looks alluring!

    Wishing your mommy a beautiful belated Birthday!

  13. Come, when free...i belanja you makan2.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! Lotsa freebies... Chloe happy so mommy also happy :-)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday To Mummy HL!!! I enjoy looking at the photos and reading this sweet post. I love the mummy and daughter pic...aww so sweeet. :)

    Not bad dining at Tony Roma's many freebies..hehe.

  16. Nice Celebration you had !
    Happy Belated Birthday !

  17. Such a wonderful birthday celebration :)

  18. wa...looks like more of your celebrations instead of your mummy wor. Hope you enjoyed the meal at Tony Roma. Next time order their mushroom. Very tasty

  19. I am late.

    I wish your mummy happy belated birthday and wish all wish come true.

  20. Happy belated birthday to Chloe's mommy.

  21. what a blessed good day for everyone in the family. Tony Roma's kids eat for free must have a condition or certain credit card right?


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