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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Arts and Crafts Day - Jack O Lantern

Arts and crafts is an activity long forgotten since we moved to Shanghai. The last post was dated Sept 2012.... oh my, more than a year ago! Although mummy and I love arts and crafts very much, we just do not have the time for it. 

Last Sunday, mummy did pumpkin carving (this craft was more for her actually hehe). It all started when we saw this in Tesco a day earlier...

Really didn't expect to see Halloween decor in China!

That's not all. We even spotted some nicely carved Jack O Lanterns among a pile of pumpkins. Feeling somewhat "inspired", mummy quickly grabbed one without hesitation. 

She had always wanted to try making this but never got the chance to do so because these orange-coloured pumpkins are not cheap back in Malaysia. Over here, it is inexpensive and mummy got a 1.2kg one for only RMB4.70 (RM2.40). It was quite a solid one with thick flesh...

There was also a pomelo at home and it got "victimised" too ;) The pomelo was also very cheap at RMB2.60 (RM1.30). Sweet and juicy!

Mummy searched for some JOL images on the Internet and "started work" immediately. The pumpkin was quite big with enough surface to make 3 faces so mummy did just that. This was the first face that she drew and cut...

First she drew the outline of the features. Then she picked one of her kitchen knives and sharpened it really, really sharp

Within minutes, tadaaaa! Although this was her first attempt in pumpkin carving, she felt that it wasn't too difficult after all. 

The second face for both turned out very ugly... Lol!

And finally, the third face... all 3 of us voted this as our favourite :)

At night, we played with "fire". Yes, today's craft was all about playing with sharp knives and fire :p

We had only 1 miserable candle so the pomelo had to make do with a blue-light torchlight ;)

The next day, here is what's left of poor Mr 3-faced Jack O Lantern... he (they) landed on our dinner table haha...

Pumpkin chicken rice with raw veggies (lettuce, red capsicum and turnip). Yummy!!!

This was probably our best pumpkin purchase so far. We crafted it, played with it and ate it too. No wastage! :) 


  1. good job to mummy! the jack-o-lanterns are so spooky and cute! ashley has been asking me to get one so i can turn it into a jack-o-lantern too but it's too expensive. will think of an alternative :P

  2. Mummy so talented leh...

    over there so cheap. Here very mahal :(

  3. Well done! The jack-o lantern is so nice! I don't think I'll have the patience and skills to do it :p

  4. Really tai toa lan lor haha! Very healthy meal you've got there!!

  5. I thought pumpkin is quite hard? o.O


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