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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Daddy, Mummy and I

Mummy was wiping this photo frame recently when she noticed that the photos (of daddy and her) were taken at my current age...

These two photos were put together since their courting days!

Mummy then added my photo in and here's the three of us at about the same age (between 6-7 years old)...

Who is the cutest? ;p


  1. You have your mummy's big eyes and your daddy's mouth. You're a mixture of both, pwety!

  2. You inherited both daddy and mummy's looks. You are the cutest. :)

  3. Who is the cutest? Of course if Chloe la! ;))

  4. I think you look more like daddy though you have a hint of mommy. Chloe is the cutest :)

  5. Of course Chloe is the cutest. Because you inherit double daddy and mommy cuteness.


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