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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Man

The search is finally over. Mummy has found a real gingerbreadman for me (a reasonably priced one, that is) cos Christmas is just round the corner. She bought it discreetly to give me a surprise at home.

I was extremely happy when I got my surprise... I was eager, excited and couldn't wait to eat it.

However, it didn't smell as good as I had anticipated. After getting a whiff of it, I lost interest in eating it altogether. I didn't like its spicy-gingery aroma. Taste-wise, I still preferred the fake and cincai one that mummy made for me...

It wasn't a total disappointment for me though, thanks to the chocolate buttons, while poor gingerbreadman ended up in two other separate stomachs instead of mine. And thanks to me, mummy and daddy got to eat a gingerbread for the very 1st time, at their respective ripe old ages hehehe...

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