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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekday Getaway at DoubleTree Hilton

Exactly a year ago, on the 28th, we went for a hotel stay in KL Hilton. Yesterday, on the 29th, we stayed in a Hilton again... this time, it was at the newly refurbished DoubleTree by Hilton in KL (formerly the Crown Princess Hotel). It was a last minute decision to squeeze in another stay just before our Hilton Premium Club membership expires on the 31st.

It was a very, very relaxing stay and we LOVED this hotel to the max (cos everything was NEW).

At the hotel lobby, while waiting for daddy to check-in

Here we are... opening the room door with a touch-card... like Touch N Go

The room... it was quite small but very cosy.

It had a see-through bathroom

Mummy's favourite was the bathroom... it came with a complete range of Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries

Right after lunch (mummy tapau-ed nasi lemak and bread), we went for a dip in the pool. Swimming is the activity that I look forward to the most in every hotel stay.

The view of the swimming pool from the 25th floor, just outside our room

It's a salt-water pool... the water is salty

We befriended a very friendly American girl who kept following us and playing with us like she was part of our family :)

After swimming, we spent the whole day in the room, on the bed actually... watching tv, doing nothing and napping. We also snacked non-stop on the snacks, nuts and lots of fruits that we brought from home. Our favourite snack of the day has got to be these two pieces of chocolate chip cookies that the hotel gave to us as welcome gifts...

Honestly, this was the MOST DELICIOUS choc chip cookies we have ever eaten! It was moist, chewy and every bite was full of choc chips and nuts

It was SO good that it actually had a mascot, no kidding! And it was SO yummy that we actually went to the reception counter and asked for more *thick-skin habis* haha (this was what the little American girl taught us).

I was so happy to see the CCC mascot, I ran towards it and hugged its legs haha!

For dinner, we had something simple at the Old Town White Coffee in Ampang Park, which was just across the street. On the way back, mummy bought a yummy dessert from the hotel's cafe because it was 50% off and she couldn't resist...

More fatty food for us to indulge in... Amarenatta Chocolate Mousse

The night view from our room

The following day, we had buffet lunch at the Makan Kitchen.

The food here was not bad... lots of variety and it was very reasonably priced too

A very happy ice-cream girl!

When it was time to leave, I cried (sobbed silently) in the car and said "I miss the hotel" *sniffles*


  1. Wow! Such a nice stay!
    Here wishing you and family, Happy New Year 2011~~ See you next year, LOL :D

  2. little girl, your skin look a bit darker than before. You always under sun shine?

    Wish you and your family - Happy New Year 2011 :)

    by uncle ChVoon

  3. How nice can stay in a hotel and get that kind of treatment everyday!

    Happy Happy 2011!

  4. walaowei, doubletree! and they have crabtree toiletries! crown princess hotel, brings back sweet memories to me, was working there for 4 years :(

    anyway, happy new year guys, lets see whether u guys can top ur 2010 hotel stays or not, hahahaha... u guys really terer laaaa!

  5. So great that you always have a hotel stay and it was so relaxing.

  6. The former Crown Princess, how I missed this hotel too, auntie used to take a few piano exam here...*sniffles*

    p/s: If we went for a stay over, I will sure ask for more complementary cookies, auntie is a 'cookie monster'!;p

  7. This hotel is very nice. You all always get to stay like king, queen and princess lah...until poor Chloe didn't want to leave..hehe.

  8. Wow...complete set of Crab & Evelyn nice

  9. C&E toiletries... hi class hotel! U guys really maximise the usage of ur hotel m/ship. :)

  10. ohh...Crown princess changed it's management. A very nice hotel.


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