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Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Dough Part II

I got another new set of Fabulous Fruits Play Doh from Tai Koo Ma for my recent birthday.

Coincidentally, mummy also made these fruits before I got the present!

I sometimes have mixed feelings whenever mummy suggests playing this. I still don't know how to make anything out of it yet. I can only roll bits and pieces of out-of-shape balls or uneven cylindrical rolls.

Most of the time, it is mummy who ends up playing with it while I do nothing but disturb her. Very often, the play would turn ugly... where mummy would scold me (for creating horrible, hard-to-clean mess) and we end up "quarreling" with each other. Sigh...

Here are a few more cartoon characters that mummy made yesterday:

Clockwise from top left: Hello Kitty, Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, Barney (so ugly hehe) and Dora the Explorer

Mummy also made the Sesame Street gang in Part 1.


  1. OMG so real!!! chloe mummy really good in arts!!! =)

  2. Hweili, you are really good in making all these, really!!! So did you manage to seperate those dough after making them?

  3. Nice characters there!!! Mail that elmo to Krys!!!

  4. Oh Boy..your mommy is very creative. They look so real :D

    Psst...thanks for dropping by my blog :D

  5. Wah...Mummy you are good man. You can start your bentos creation for Chloe already.:)

  6. wow...look nice. is this safe? my mum always said no good so i dare not buy, later she 'ngi ngi ngam ngam' on me again....haha~

  7. Thanks, Crystal, Merryn and Mommy to Chumsy :-)

    Caroline, after making each character, I will quickly snap photo, separate them and store them back.

    Mummy Gwen, err.. bentos, no la cos I don't wanna create unnecessary expectation in her... just in case she only wants "beautiful" food and reject all my ordinary meals, then I sei lor!!

    Vivian, it claims to be non-toxic. Anyway, your kids are so big already, as long as they don't eat it and wash their hands after playing, should be fine I guess.

  8. Hweili your art work is good wor, nice job.

  9. Hello again, you know, if you want to share any of your craft work with the world, you may submit it to my new craft blog for the "Crafty Crafted Friends" corner.. it will be linked back to you.. cheers :)


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