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Monday, August 24, 2009

The WHY Era...

... has begun.

My current interest is to churn out a long chain of "why" questions, one after another for every answer given. It often goes on until daddy and mummy reach the "dead end" of all questions - "I don't know".

This afternoon when mummy accidentally (but lightly) hit my right eye, I got very angry and annoyed, and snapped at her...

Me: Hey, why did you poke my eye? Why? Why? Why????
Mummy: I'm sorry. It was an accident. Sorry ya...
Me: Why? Why did you accident?
Mummy: *Explanation A*
Me: But why A?
Mummy: *Explanation B*
Me: Why B?
Mummy: *Explanation C*
Me: Why C?
Mummy: *Dunno how to answer anymore*

Why did you put the duck on my head? Why did you do that? WHY??


  1. hahaha..this is the time when we will have to go through those thick books and google.. hehehe.. enjoys it mummy...

  2. in response to what cynthia said, i think it is high time to teach chloe to google! hahahhaa.. the next time why comes in.. get her to google for it..

  3. I also want to know why. Hoe come the duck can stick on the forehead like that..hehehe. She is learning everyday. Chloe can speak very well. Gwen is lagging behind. :(

  4. chloe's mommy, i'm going thru the same thing too.. my yinyue is about 1 month older than ur chloe... kanbateh.. thick book, google, creative imagination, watever.. try best to answer any WHY. but i figured out a way to stop their too many whys... is to ask them back questions.. thats how i handle when i c the why going no where.. :P

  5. Wah, Google? If only she can read haha. Anyway, most of her questions are those day-to-day questions that even Google can't provide an answer for haha... like "Why did you do that? Why do you sit like that? Why can't I go swimming? Why did you put the book here? Why did you fart and never say excuse me" etc. How to "ask" Google for help? hehe..

    Mummy Gwen, as for the duck, hehehe... mummy pressed it onto my forehead lor, got suction at the bottom ma :p

  6. Why why tell me why haha. Lately she starting to be a questionair girl. haha

  7. Haha.. then mummy have to answer many many reason to your why questions.. :)

  8. So mommy has to start doing some readings already coz soon, they will asked you some 'einstein' question :P :P

  9. OH MY! WHY era is a fun and at the same time, tiresome era for us adults :P

  10. Haha, funny, but same things happen here, Yan Yan is MISS WHY too. Keep asking why to my answers, i have to keep explain .. Tell you how to answer why C.. Just tell her because it is C lor, haha

  11. the time to ask leow.
    My son also likes to ask 'WHY'


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