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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day With My Cousins

Bored of the mundane routine of staying at home facing mummy everyday, we decided to do something different today. We went to 4th Yee Por's house to play with ZK and ZW, my cousins. Julie yi-yi came to pick us up in the morning, together with cousin Leanne.

At first, being a very shy and timid girl, I just sat down and stared at the kids. It took me about 15 minutes to warm-up to them and play with them.

We played jigsaw puzzles, toys and read books together

Posing for a photo with the boys...

After lunch, we proceeded to Julie yi-yi's house to continue with another session of play, with an entirely different set of toys and books.

Playing the cash register with Leanne

I was the copycat here, imitating Leanne's every movement instead of the other way around haha.

Sek-sek (embracing) my little sister

Later in the evening, daddy came to fetch us home, after work. It was a very fun but tiring day...

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