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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Appetite Day

On a normal day, I am quite a small eater and would usually stick to my 3 main meals, 3 servings of milk and very little snack. Today, I ate exceptionally much more...

- 8oz milk
- 1 medium-sized banana
- 1 slice wholemeal bread with 1/2 slice of cheese

- Animal pasta in anchovies soup with spinach, corn, egg and wolfberries
- 1 Twiggies

My heavy lunch...

Afternoon Snack
- 8oz milk
- 2 pieces of oats biscuits
- a handful of blueberries

- Rice with chicken, potato, carrot & onion stew and stirfried siew pak choy
- 1/4 of a fairly large apple

My dinner and "dessert"...

Night Snack
- 1/8 piece of a mooncake
- 8oz milk

It all started when I kept asking for the Twiggies (that mummy bought for me on our way back from the kindy) during lunch. Mummy said no and insisted that I finished my lunch first. It was quite a big bowl of animal pasta that mummy did not expect me to finish. Surprisingly, I did.

I continued to request for my Twiggies. Mummy said no again and asked me to wait a little while more. She was afraid that I would over-stuff myself. I made a small fuss and told her "but I'm not bao-bao (full) yet!" I walloped the whole Twiggies immediately after lunch and left not even a crumb behind!

For the rest of the day, I continued to eat and eat and eat... It's indeed very rare to see me eat as much as I did today. ~Burp!~


  1. maybe she is TOO active..and burn up her energy very fast.. anyway no compplains..Good sign

  2. hahaha...maybe you are experiencing a growth spurt so that's why you wanted a lot of food :) Your food sure looks yummy, especially the pasta.

  3. walao, if krys can eat that much like you, im happy man... hahaha! yup, agreed with barb, the food mommy prepared looks nice :)

  4. That's good. Chloe is eating well. Gwen is a small and slow eater. But snacking she is NO. 1!!

  5. Wished Gabriel eats like you. I'll be the happiest daddy in the world. Gabriel is rather picky, so we need to work hard in the kitchen. And it's very disappointing!

  6. Big girl leow and the stomache will following to bigger. keke


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