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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not A Very Happy Meal

Mummy bought me my very 1st Happy Meal from McDonald's today. Fastfood is quite a rare treat for us because mummy follows a health-freak diet whenever possible. Most of our McD visits are only for the sake of enjoying a sundae and if there's a playground there, it's for me to play there.

Well, she bought this Happy Meal for me because she was attracted by the Tamagotchi toy haha. She got me a set of chicken nuggets with french fries and Milo. Guess what? I REFUSED to eat the nuggets. I did not even want to take a look at it, sniff it or touch it, let alone eat it. I was also not interested in the Milo. However, I LOVED the flattened fries and ate only that (flattened because mummy squeezed out the excess oil with a big pile of serviettes).

Mummy had to add a bit of angry tone in her voice, put on her angry face and force me to take a bite of the nuggets. Very unwillingly, I obliged and took a teeny-weeny bite. That was it. I didn't like it at all. Daddy offered me a bite of his burger and I didn't like it either.

In a way, mummy was both disappointed and glad that I didn't like the meal. Disappointed because I didn't have a proper lunch and she had to look for something else for me. Glad because I'm not into junk food and she has one less problem to worry about.

Mummy says I'm quite an unusual kid. I also dislike sweets and candies. While most kids fuss their way to have these little treats, I actually reject them when they are given to me!

The Tamagotchi toy


  1. In a way it's good she is not into junk food haha. Gwen will eat the nuggets eventhough she is not a meat lover. She likes fries and soft drinks. *shake head*

  2. well train wor..........
    how u did it ar? avoided fast food all these while?

  3. very good girl... my ziyi only likes to play with the tomato sauce and eat a bit of fries sometimes.
    I am not a fan of mcD because it's expensive... definitely not going to make mcd as a proper meal. "what's for lunch?" mcd won't even make it into our lunch list.... hehe

  4. My son don't like McD nuggets, but he eat KFC's nuggets...

  5. Rachel, it's not well train la... the more accurate word is "untrained" hahaha! Just dun bring her to any fastfood outlets and she won't know how to ask for them.

    Linda, ooh sounds like you are quite a fussy mum too, Hi5! Yes, we usually don't regard fastfood as a proper meal too. It's only a very rare treat :-)


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